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Preface: Hydrogeology of cold regions
Hinzman, Larry D. / Destouni, Georgia / Woo, Ming-ko | 2013
Permafrost and groundwater on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and in northeast China
Cheng, Guodong / Jin, Huijun | 2013
Review: Groundwater in Alaska (USA)
Callegary, J. B. / Kikuchi, C. P. / Koch, J. C. / Lilly, M. R. / Leake, S. A. | 2013
Regional groundwater flow in an area mapped as continuous permafrost, NE Alaska (USA)
Kane, Douglas L. / Yoshikawa, Kenji / McNamara, James P. | 2013
Hydrogeological processes in seasonally frozen northern latitudes: understanding, gaps and challenges
Ireson, A. M. / van der Kamp, G. / Ferguson, G. / Nachshon, U. / Wheater, H. S. | 2013
Inferring groundwater contributions and pathways to streamflow during snowmelt over multiple years in a discontinuous permafrost subarctic environment (Yukon, Canada)
Carey, Sean K. / Boucher, Jessica L. / Duarte, Celina M. | 2013
Noble gas and isotope geochemistry in western Canadian Arctic watersheds: tracing groundwater recharge in permafrost terrain
Utting, Nicholas / Lauriol, Bernard / Mochnacz, Neil / Aeschbach-Hertig, Werner / Clark, Ian | 2013
Rapid runoff via shallow throughflow and deeper preferential flow in a boreal catchment underlain by frozen silt (Alaska, USA)
Koch, J. C. / Ewing, S. A. / Striegl, R. / McKnight, D. M. | 2013
Simulation of subsurface heat and water dynamics, and runoff generation in mountainous permafrost conditions, in the Upper Kolyma River basin, Russia
Semenova, Olga / Lebedeva, Liudmila / Vinogradov, Yury | 2013
Using streamflow characteristics to explore permafrost thawing in northern Swedish catchments
Sjöberg, Ylva / Frampton, Andrew / Lyon, Steve W. | 2013
Spatial and seasonal variability of polygonal tundra water balance: Lena River Delta, northern Siberia (Russia)
Helbig, Manuel / Boike, Julia / Langer, Moritz / Schreiber, Peter / Runkle, Benjamin R. K. / Kutzbach, Lars | 2013
Quantifying and relating land-surface and subsurface variability in permafrost environments using LiDAR and surface geophysical datasets
Hubbard, S. S. / Gangodagamage, C. / Dafflon, B. / Wainwright, H. / Peterson, J. / Gusmeroli, A. / Ulrich, C. / Wu, Y. / Wilson, C. / Rowland, J. et al. | 2013
Shallow groundwater systems in a polar desert, McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica
Gooseff, Michael N. / Barrett, John E. / Levy, Joseph S. | 2013
Sensitivity analysis of lake mass balance in discontinuous permafrost: the example of disappearing Twelvemile Lake, Yukon Flats, Alaska (USA)
Jepsen, S. M. / Voss, C. I. / Walvoord, M. A. / Rose, J. R. / Minsley, B. J. / Smith, B. D. | 2013
The active-layer hydrology of a peat plateau with thawing permafrost (Scotty Creek, Canada)
Quinton, W. L. / Baltzer, J. L. | 2013
Modeling challenges for predicting hydrologic response to degrading permafrost
Painter, S. L. / Moulton, J. D. / Wilson, C. J. | 2013
Exchange and pathways of deep and shallow groundwater in different climate and permafrost conditions using the Forsmark site, Sweden, as an example catchment
Bosson, Emma / Selroos, Jan-Olof / Stigsson, Martin / Gustafsson, Lars-Göran / Destouni, Georgia | 2013
Modeling of groundwater flow at depth in crystalline rock beneath a moving ice-sheet margin, exemplified by the Fennoscandian Shield, Sweden
Vidstrand, Patrik / Follin, Sven / Selroos, Jan-Olof / Näslund, Jens-Ove / Rhén, Ingvar | 2013
Impact of permafrost development on groundwater flow patterns: a numerical study considering freezing cycles on a two-dimensional vertical cut through a generic river-plain system
Grenier, Christophe / Régnier, Damien / Mouche, Emmanuel / Benabderrahmane, Hakim / Costard, François / Davy, Philippe | 2013
Permafrost degradation and subsurface-flow changes caused by surface warming trends
Frampton, Andrew / Painter, Scott L. / Destouni, Georgia | 2013
Impacts of climate, lake size, and supra- and sub-permafrost groundwater flow on lake-talik evolution, Yukon Flats, Alaska (USA)
Wellman, Tristan P. / Voss, Clifford I. / Walvoord, Michelle A. | 2013
Permafrost thaw in a nested groundwater-flow system
McKenzie, Jeffrey M. / Voss, Clifford I. | 2013