Cisalpine Gaul as a Consular Province in the Late Republic (Englisch)

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Keywords: Cisalpine Gaul - provincial government - Roman Republic - consulship - praetorship - elections (ProQuest: ... denotes non-US-ASCII text omitted.) Introduction There is copious evidence that in the late Republic Cisalpine Gaul was a regularly-assigned province of the Roman people.1 This only became the case in the early first century, and the region ceased to be a provincia in 4z.2 For the intervening period, then, Cisalpine Gaul was one of the ten (later twelve) regularly-assigned territorial provinciae, but it differed from the others in important respects.3 The land area which constituted the province was not newly conquered or inherited and in need of a governor, but one which throughout the second century had been included in the consuls' general responsibility for Italy.4 Yet at some point in the early first century, the province of Italia ceased to be regularly allocated as such (although military provinciae within Italy were of course still created to wage war in the peninsula, as for example in 78,73-1 and 63-2), and the province of Cisalpine Gaul was assigned in its stead. [...]Cisalpine Gaul contained a large number of Roman citizens living in citizen communities.5 These citizens looked for their legal remedies not only to the governor (who held regular assizes), but also to the praetor in Rome.6 And finally, despite an almost complete lack of fighting, and despite Rome's ongoing need for senior military commanders in other provinces, Cisalpine Gaul was almost invariably assigned as a consular province.7 While these individual facts have sometimes...

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