The Parthica of Pseudo-Appian (Englisch)

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Appian - Plutarch - Pseudepigrapha - Roman Historiography - Byzantine Historiography Introduction As Appian persevered with the task of writing his Roman History, so his historiographical vision evolved and expanded.1 An Egyptian history was added at some point; the span of which encompassed events of the 60s B. C. and carried the narrative of the civil wars down to the defeat of Antony and Cleopatra.2 Similarly, during the composition of either the Civil Wars or the Syriaca, Appian decided to add an account of Rome's wars against the Parthians. Three references attest to this projected work, all in the future tense.3 The Parthian history, we are told, was to cover the campaign and defeat of Crassus and the deeds of the rogue general Quintus Labienus, but its scope (it has been argued) might have been more ambitious.4 It seems likely, given Appian's interest in the late Republic, that he planned to take the story down to include at least Antony's ill-fated campaign of 36 B. C. The Parthica which appears in the manuscripts of Appian is almost certainly not by Appian's hand.5 Long banished from scholarly editions, recent discussions of the curious work (such as they are) have been brief and dismissive. Gabinius] having already begun his expedition against the Arabs, Mithridates the Parthian king (being deposed from his rule by his brother Orodes) diverted him from fighting the Arabs to the Parthians instead. [...]pseudo-Appian, with almost Xenophontic abruptness, begins his work. From the outset the author appears to position...

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