The early career of Aëtius and the murder of Felix (c. 425-430 CE) 1 (Englisch)

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Perhaps the court was not even willing to entertain the latter option considering what had happened to Felix. Since Aětius had already shown that he had enough influence to suborn soldiers to kill their own supreme commander inside the imperial capital, it is possible that palatine troops may have demanded that Aětius be nominated as Felix' successor.76 Some may have been bribed, but he could easily have persuaded others that his recall to Italy was a pretext for Felix to get rid of him, the same way as the latter had tried to depose Bonifatius initially. [...]whether Aětius himself shipped over with them to Africa or sent one of his officers in his place to command them, this would still mean sending his personal troops to fight in a campaign led by Aspar, a man whom he and his Huns had only fought five years previously, and against a far more formidable enemy than disgruntled provincials or second-tier barbarian groups.83 It is this consideration over all, namely the prospect of losing control over his mobile powerbase, that eventually drove Aětius to counteract any possibility to join the campaign against the Vandals. First he records Aětius victory over a Gothic war-band near Arles (Hyd. 82 [92]). 77 Demougeot (as in n. 8) 509 states that Ravenna could not send reinforcements to Africa because Aětius was fighting the Franks in Gaul and the Iuthungi in Noricum. [...]Placidia appealed to Theodosius II for military aid.

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