Influence of surfactants of different nature and chain length on the morphology, thermal stability and sheet resistance of graphene (Englisch)

In: Soft Matter   ;  14 ,  29  ;  6013-6023  ;  2018

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The effects of surfactants of different nature (anionic, cationic and non-ionic) and chain length on the morphology, microstructure, thermal stability and electrical resistivity of liquid exfoliated graphene (G) were investigated. Microscopic (SEM and AFM) observations revealed that the thickness of G in the dispersions depended on the surfactant nature: non-ionic surfactants rendered the highest level of exfoliation, whilst dispersions in the cationic ones exhibited fully-covered thicker sheets; the flake thickness increased with increasing surfactant chain length. X-ray diffraction studies indicated an increased interlamellar G spacing with increasing surfactant content. Raman spectra showed an increase in the ID/IG ratio with decreasing G loading. Larger upshifts of the G, 2D and D + G bands were found with increasing surfactant concentration, particularly for dispersions in the cationic surfactants. For the same G/surfactant weight ratio, the electrical resistivity of the dispersions followed the order: cationic > non-ionic > anionic, consistent with the amount of surfactant adsorbed onto G calculated via TGA. It is demonstrated herein that the thermal and electrical properties of liquid exfoliated G can be tuned by varying the surfactant concentration, nature and chain length, which is of great importance for numerous applications like solar power harvesting, high-temperature devices and flexible nanoelectronics.

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