Image Processing Operations And Systems For Legal Applications: Part I (Englisch)

In: Proc. SPIE   ;  0339 ;  1983

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The requirements imposed upon image processing systems vary significantly as a function of the application. Imagery generated and used for legal purposes imposes needs for processing which typically are different from other disciplines where imagery is applied to the solution of problems. The basic operations by which imagery is manipulated are more similar than different from field-to-field; however, the combinations of functions applied to the imagery, and the purpose of the processed data or image, are what set each complete processing system apart. This series of papers will illustrate, by example and description of dedicated facilities, the most effective image processing operations used by the legal and law enforcement communities. The community's influence on system design has led to unique image processing operations; however, a combination of multivaried needs and a relatively limited application of image processing to "legal" problems place the state of this technology in an evolving mode. Feedback from the evolution has led to our prescription for the design of a digital image processing system for legal applications.

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