Platelet-rich plasma as supplement and scaffold for the culture of Vero cell line (Englisch)

In: Research on Biomedical Engineering   ;  35 ,  1  ;  1-9  ;  2019

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Tissue engineering performs the culture of cells on scaffolds, aiming at the restoration of damaged tissue. For the cell culture into the scaffold, it is necessary to establish certain conditions, such as the type of supplementation of the culture medium. Therefore, the aim of this research was to evaluate the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) as a supplement and scaffold for Vero cell culture, in a one case report study.


Calcium chloride was added to the PRP, obtained by apheresis. After PRP retraction, serum from PRP (SPRP) and the clot from PRP (CPRP) were obtained. SPRP was used as a supplement to the culture medium, and CPRP was utilized as a scaffold.


The evaluation of SPRP as a supplement showed that there was no statistical difference in cell viability compared to cultures supplemented in the standard way, with fetal bovine serum (FBS), after 24 h of culture. The morphological analysis, carried out on the third and fifth days, did not verify changes in the typical morphology of Vero cells cultured with SPRP. For the use of CPRP, its structure was observed. The CPRP was formed by an irregular network of fibers with different diameters, having a mean value of 0.210 ± 0.097 μ. In the analysis of CPRP as a scaffold, it was verified that the cells adhered and spread over the biomaterial.


Therefore, in Vero cell cultures, the results suggest that SPRP and CPRP can be used as a supplement and scaffold, respectively.

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Platelet-rich plasma as supplement and scaffold for the culture of Vero cell line
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