A map analysis of potentially developable land (Ohne Sprachangabe)

In: Regional Studies   ;  3 ,  2  ;  179-195  ;  1969

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Forbes J. (1969) A map analysis of potentially developable land, Reg. Studies 3, 179–195. Land supply analysis is a difficult part of the planner's work. It is usually accomplished by means of visual evaluation of a “sieve map”. This is a single map upon which numerous areal distributions are shown superimposed. The technique described here offers a substitute for this subjective step of visual evaluation. It quantifies the areal distributions by small units of area—kilometre squares. These quantitative scores for each square are aggregated so that the characteristics of the square's land are summarized by one numerical description. The mapping of these numbers permits the planner to read directly and easily the spatial distribution of the varying land characteristics. The area covered by this study is the West of Scotland.

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