Clinicopathological diversity of syringomas (Englisch)

In: Dermato-Endocrinology   ;  1 ,  6  ;  282-288  ;  2009
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Usually, syringomas display a wide spectrum of benign adnexal neoplasms derived from the intraepidermal part of eccrine sweat ducts. Women are more frequently affected than men. Syringomas mainly occur in the periorbital area, but also affect the scalp, forehead, neck, abdomen, and extremities. A variety of clinical presentations of syringomas have been published, as well as cases associated with Down`s syndrome and familial syringoma. The eruptive occurrence of multiple syringomas in healthy persons has been reported rarely. We report a small case series of patients with syringomas, highlighting the different clinicopathologic manifestations and variations, and review the recent literature.

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