Performance and characteristics of thin-film PV technologies - Fraunhofer ISE experience from field and laboratory measurements (Englisch)

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; 2010
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In their analysis of TF PV operating data, the authors looked at several TF plants of different technologies in order to identify module degradation. They compared the montly values for solar generator efficiency (etaSG) of reference solar generators of each plant over several years. As the inverter behaviour can change opposed to etaSG, the PR can stay stable in spite of module degradation. Seperating influences from modules and inverter is only possible when DC measurements are performed, which makes them a requirement for significant degradation analyses and also for performance comparisons. Their analysis revealed, that there is measurable continuous degradation of CdTe plants - etaSG drops between 0.5 % to 1.5 % relative to etalabel for the plants under consideration. However, their data base is still to small to derive overall absolute values for yearly degradation. For amorphous silicon single and multi-junction devices, there is always a strong initial degradation, which can be treated as a known and also predictable effect. Whether continuous degradation follows, is dependent on the module type. There are positive examples in the case of an a-Si/a-Si plant that has been in stable operation for 15 years as well as negative examples. To derive absolute values for degradation for the different technologies, not only a larger data base - which has to include not only monitoring data, but also simulator measurements - is needed. To learn more about degradation, manufacturer independent projects would be especially relevant. Just as important is an even more detailed analysis of the existing data, and to work for a better comparability of different approaches to identify module degradation (e.g. STC measurements and monitoring data).

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