Probabilistic model based analysis of electrolytic capacitor ageing and failures in a single-phase power factor correction circuit (Englisch)

in ETG-Fachberichte ; 141 ; 1-6
CIPS, International Conference on Integrated Power Electronics Systems, 8
VDE-Verlag , Berlin, Offenbach; 2014

Wear-out failures of electrolytic capacitors in single phase power factor correction circuits are investigated in this study. A probabilistic model based approach for temperature driven capacitor degradation is chosen to analyse the probability of failure of the output capacitor bank. Different design strategies are proposed and evaluated in terms of reliability. Parametric variation of capacitor bank designs provides influential effects on system volume, cost and reliability which is modeled for a sample size of 1000 power supply units.

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Evolution of Electrical Performance in New Generation of SiC MOSFET for High Temperature Applications
Ouaida, Rémy / Calvez, Cyril / Podlejski, Anne-Sophie / Brosselard, Pierre | 2014
Influence of nickel-phosphorus surface roughness on both wettability and pores formation in solder joints for high power electronic applications
Vivet, L. / Joudrier, A.-L. / Tan, K.-L. / Morelle, J.-M. / Etcheberry, A. / Chalumeau, L. | 2014
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Rudzki, Jacek / Becker, Martin / Eisele, Ronald / Poech, Max / Osterwald, Frank | 2014
Electro – Thermal Simulations and Experimental Results on the Surge – Current Capability of 1200 V SiC MPS Diodes
Fichtner, Susanne / Lutz, Josef / Basler, Thomas / Rupp, Roland / Gerlach, Rolf | 2014
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Blaabjerg, Frede / Ma, Ke / Yang, Yongheng | 2014
Practical Aspects of Testing Methods for Thermal Interface Materials
Saums, David L. | 2014
A non-destructive study of crack development during thermal cycling of Al wire bonds using x-ray computed tomography
Agyakwa, Pearl A. / Yang, Li / Corfield, Martin R. / Johnson, C. Mark | 2014
A real time measurement of junction temperature variation in high power IGBT modules for wind power converter application
Ghimire, Pramod / Pedersen, Kristian Bonderup / Vega, Angel Ruiz de / Rannestad, Bjorn / Munk-Nielsen, Stig / Thogersen, Paul Bach | 2014
Reliability Prediction Approach of DC-DC Converter with Electrical Stress Analysis
Kim, Jemin / Choi, Sungsoon / Lee, Kwanhun | 2014
Manufacturability and Reliability Assessment of Power Sandwich Technology
Josifovic, I. / Huesgen, T. / Mengotti, E. / Popovic-Gerber, J. / Ferreira, J.A. / Drofenik, U. | 2014
Developments for Copper-Graphite Composite Thermal Cores for PCBs for High-Reliability RF Systems
Saums, David L. / Hay, Robert A. | 2014
GaN Power Semiconductors for PV Inverter Applications – Opportunities and Risks
Stubbe, Thorsten / Mallwitz, Regine / Rupp, Roland / Pozzovivo, Gianmauro / Bergner, Wolfgang / Haeberlen, Oliver / Kunze, Mike | 2014
Present and Future of GaN Power Devices
Ueda, Daisuke / Fukuda, Takeshi / Nagai, Shuichi / Sakai, Hiroyuki / Otsuka, Nobuyuki / Morita, Tatsuo / Negoro, Noboru / Ueda, Tetsuzo / Tanaka, Tsuyoshi | 2014
Comparison of thermo-mechanical reliability of high-temperature bonding materials for attachment of SiC devices
Li, Jianfeng / Yaqub, Imran / Corfield, Martin / Agyakwa, Pearl / Johnson, Christopher Mark | 2014
Breakthrough into the third dimension – Sintered multi layer flex for ultra low inductance power modules
Beckedahl, Peter / Spang, Matthias / Tamm, Oliver | 2014
Analyzing the State of Health of Diode Layers by using Structure Functions
Richter, Martin / Kopp, Michael / Schroth, Ruediger / Lutz, Josef | 2014
New applications in power electronics for highly integrated high-speed magnetoresistive current sensors
Scherner, Simon / Slatter, Rolf | 2014
Integrated gate driver circuits with an ultra-compact design and high level of galvanic isolation for power transistors
To, N.-D. / Rouger, N. / Arnould, J.-D. / Corrao, N. / Crebier, J.-C. / Lembeye, Y. | 2014
Keynote: Simulation and Test Vibration - Nonlinear Dynamic Effects in Vibration Durability of Electronic Systems
Dasgupta, Abhijit / Choi, Cholmin / Habtour, Ed | 2014
Simultaneous Testing of Wirebond and Solder Fatigue in IGBT Modules
Riedel, G. J. / Valov, M. | 2014
Microstructural study of the fatigue mechanism of aluminum cladded copper wires
Naumann, Falk / Maerz, Benjamin / Klengel, Robert / Schischka, Jan / Petzold, Matthias | 2014
Reliability assessment of molded Smart Power Modules
Thomas, Tina / Becker, Karl-Friedrich / Dijk, Marius van / Wittler, Olaf / Braun, Tanja / Bauer, Joerg / Lang, Klaus-Dieter | 2014
Planar, double-layer magnetic inductors for low power, high frequency DC-DC converters
Haddad, Elias / Martin, Christian / Joubert, Charles / Allard, Bruno / Buttay, Cyril / Tannous, Tony Abi / Bevilacqua, Pascal | 2014
A Simple Method to Evaluate Substrate Layout for Power Modules
Zhu, Nan / Chen, Min / Xu, Dehong | 2014
Laminate with Thermal - Power Insert for Efficient Front-Side Heat Removal and Power Delivery
Gschwend, Dominic / Tick, Timo / Oggioni, Stefano / Paredes, Stephan / Matsumoto, Keiji / Tiwari, Manish K. / Poulikakos, Dimos / Brunschwiler, Thomas | 2014
Data-driven Modeling of the Ultrasonic Softening Effect for Robust Copper Wire Bonding
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1200 V-360 A SiC Power Module with Phase Leg Clustering Concept for Low Parasitic Inductance and High Speed Switching
Takao, Kazuto / Shinohe, Takashi / Yamamoto, Takashi / Hasegawa, Kohei / Ishida, Masaaki | 2014
Conducted EMI and Systems Integration
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Is Conductive Adhesive Bonding Suited for the Die-Attachment of Power Devices?
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Low-inductive inverter concept by 200 A / 1200 V half bridge in an EasyPACK 2B – following strip-line design
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Temperature Humidity Bias (THB) Testing on IGBT Modules at High Bias Levels
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Transient hygro-thermal-response of power modules in inverters – mission profiling for climate and power loading
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Investigation on AlCu-clad base plates and a new by-pass cooler for pin fin power modules
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Characterization of different wire bonding materials during passive thermal test
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Robustness study of solder joints of different compositions by using Stochastic Finite Element Modeling
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An Improved Method of Controlling IGBT Modules Using an Optimized Gate Current Waveform
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Ultra-low Power Autonomous Power Management System with Effective Impedance Matching for RF Energy Harvesting
Adami, Salah-Eddine / Vollaire, Christian / Allard, Bruno / Costa, François / Haboubi, Walid / Cirio, Laurent | 2014
System Integration of GaN Converters – Paradigm Shift – Challenges and Opportunities
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Controlling of Power Electronic Modules by a 2-Wire-Connection with Combined Signal and Power Transfer
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Review of high frequency, highly integrated inductive DC-DC converters
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Power cycling capability of Modules with SiC-Diodes
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Development of a New 1000 V / 1 MVA IGBT 3L-NPC-VSC PEBB Type 2 with Independent Modulation, DC-Link Balancing and Short-Circuit Protection
Staudt, Ingo / Sprenger, Michael | 2014
Packaging Very Fast Switching Semiconductors
Hoene, Eckart / Ostmann, Andreas / Marczok, Christoph | 2014
Robust Top Side Contact Technology on Power Semiconductors – Results from the Public Funded Project ‘ProPower’
Rittner, Martin / Gross, David / Guyenot, Michael / Guenther, Michael / Haag, Sabine / Kaden, Thomas / Reinold, Manfred / Thoben, Markus / Stegmeier, Stefan / Weidner, Karl et al. | 2014
DCB-based low-inductive SiC modules for high frequency operation
Meisser, Michael / Hamilton, Dean / Mawby, Philip | 2014
A New Rainflow – free Method to Transfer Irregular Load Mission Profile Data Into appropriate Lab Test Conditions for Design Optimization
Aal, Andreas | 2014
Flexible switching speed control to improve switching losses and EMI by a gate driver with adjustable gate current
Bauch, Julia / Lindemann, Andreas | 2014
Improved thermal cycling reliability of ZTA (Zirconia Toughened Alumina) DBC substrates by manipulating metallization properties
Park, Junhee / Kim, Minseok / Roth, Alexander | 2014
Scalable high frequency converters for motor drives based on switching cells
Schulz, Martin / Kapaun, Florian / Marquardt, Rainer | 2014
High Temperature Compatibility of Interface between Al Ribbon and Au finished DBC Substrate
Park, Semin / Nagao, Shijo / Suganuma, Katsuaki | 2014
Novel Layout and Packaging for Lateral, Low-Resistance GaN-on-Si Power Transistors
Reiner, R. / Waltereit, P. / Benkhelifa, F. / Walcher, H. / Quay, R. / Schlechtweg, M. / Ambacher, O. | 2014
Technology, industry and market trends in WBG power module packaging
Roussel, Philippe / Azemar, Jerome | 2014
Internal degradation monitoring of power devices during power cycling test
Watanabe, Akihiko / Tsukuda, Masahiro / Omura, Ichiro | 2014
Improving the bond strength of sinter joints by modifying the DBC without noble finishes and modified silver sinter pastes
Roth, Alexander / Schmitt, Wolfgang | 2014
Reliability of Sn based LT-TLPS Joints for High Temperature Electronic Systems
Greve, Hannes / McCluskey, Patrick | 2014
Partial transient liquid phase bonding for high-temperature power electronics using Sn/Zn/Sn sandwich structure solder
Park, S. W. / Nagao, S. / Sugahara, T. / Katoh, Y. / Ishino, H. / Sugiura, K. / Suganuma, K. | 2014
3D Packaging for vertical power devices
Rouger, N. / Widiez, J. / Benaissa, L. / Imbert, B. / Gondcharton, P. / Letowski, B. / Crebier, JC. | 2014
Losses Comparison of Gallium Nitride and Silicon Transistors in a High Frequency Boost Converter
Wang, Wenbo / Pansier, Frans / Haan, S. W. H. de / Ferreira, J. A. | 2014
Probabilistic model based analysis of electrolytic capacitor ageing and failures in a single-phase power factor correction circuit
Seliger, Norbert | 2014
Packaging and Reliability of Power Modules
Lutz, Josef | 2014
Switching-Frequency Limitations of a Three-Phase PWM Inverter using Si-MOSFETs and SiC-SBDs
Wada, Keiji / Taguri, Kent | 2014
Surface Profiles of Printed Ag Nanoparticle Paste and Their Implication on the Quality of Sintered Joints
Wang, Yun / Li, Jianfeng / Agyakwa, Pearl / Johnson, Christopher Mark / Li, Shuguang | 2014
Power Semiconductor Packaging in PV Inverters up to 30 kW power, a difficult choice
Hinze, Juliane / Zacharias, Peter / Araujo, Samuel / Friebe, Jens / Leifert, Torsten | 2014
Design of Photovoltaic Microinverter for Off-Grid and Grid-Parallel Applications
Felgemacher, Christian / Jaeger, Philipp / Kobeissi, Ali / Pfeiffer, Jonas / Wiegand, Dennis / Kruschel, Wolfram / Dombert, Benjamin / Vasconcelos Araújo, Samuel / Zacharias, Peter | 2014
Multi-chip circuit designs for silicon carbide power electronics
Nee, Hans-Peter / Rabkowski, Jacek / Peftitsis, Dimosthenis | 2014
Influence of Cu/Ni(P) Metallized Si3N4 Ceramic Substrate in Bond Reliability of Power Components at 250 °C
Lang, Fengqun / Yamaguchi, Hiroshi / Nakagawa, Hiroshi / Sato, Hiroshi | 2014
Power Supply with Integrated PassivEs - The EU FP7 PowerSwipe Project
Mathuna, Cian O. / Wang, Ningning / Kulkarni, Santosh / Anthony, Ricky / Cordero, Nicolas / Oliver, Jesus / Alou, Pedro / Svikovic, Vladimir / Cobos, Jose Antonio / Cortes, Jorge et al. | 2014
Aging of new Interconnect-Technologies of Power-Modules during Power-Cycling
Heuck, N. / Guth, K. / Thoben, M. / Mueller, A. / Oeschler, N. / L. Boewer / Speckels, R. / Krasel, S. / Ciliox, A. | 2014
High-throughput DBC-assembled IGBT screening for power module
Tsukuda, Masanori / Okoda, Seiichi / Noda, Ryuzo / Tashiro, Katsuji / Omura, Ichiro | 2014
High Temperature Discrete Integrated Coreless Signal Insulator
Bergogne, Dominique / Martin, Christian / Allard, Bruno / El Falahi, Khalil / Picun, Gonzalo / Ezzeddine, Hilal / Pintout, Cedric | 2014
A Multi-Disciplinary Virtual Prototyping Design Tool for Power Electronics
Evans, P. L. / Castellazzi, A. / Johnson, C. M. | 2014
A proposal of embedded SoC power supply compatible with a digital block design flow
Souvignet, Thomas / Allard, Bruno / Trochut, Severin / Hasbani, Frederic | 2014
New power-module structures consisting of both Cu and Al bonded to AlN substrates with an Al base plate
Terasaki, Nobuyuki / Nagatomo, Yoshiyuki / Nagase, Toshiyuki / Kuromitsu, Yoshirou | 2014
Efficient online-algorithm for the temperature cycle recording of an IGBT power module in a hybrid car during inverter operation
Denk, Marco / Bakran, Mark-M. | 2014
Application of Silver Nano Particle to Pressureless Bonding onto a Copper Surface - Consideration of Substitute Material for Lead Solder
Miyoshi, Hiromasa / Endoh, Keiichi / Kurita, Satoru | 2014
Foil Based Transient Liquid Phase Bonding as a Die-Attachment Method for High Temperature Devices
Bajwa, A. A. / Qin, Y. Y. / Zeiser, R. / Wilde, J, | 2014

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