Clothing physiological research on wear and sleep comfort (Englisch)

AUTEX, AUTEX World Textile Conference, 15
; 2015
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Clothing physiological research involves the interaction between textiles and human physiology, where the main objective is to develop functional clothing which optimally supports temperature regulation, depending on the environmental climate and physical activity. For this purpose, various thermo-physiological parameters like thermal insulation, breathability, sweat transport, drying time, etc. are evaluated on skin model and thermal manikins. As with clothing, the thermo-physiological comfort of bedding such as mattresses, pillows, blankets, duvets, sleeping bags, etc. can also be objectively tested and subsequently optimised. Further, all these tested parameters can be certified using the Hohenstein Quality Labels, which offer an option of documenting the test results directly on the product, for example in the form of the wear comfort rating, or in the case of bedding as the sleep comfort rating.

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