Indirect pipe water cooling system of electric cable laid in Koukan-Kawasaki line for Tokyo Electric Power Co. Inc. (Japanisch)

in Furukawa Electric Review , 71 ; 141-150
Furukawa Electric Review
; 1981
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Installation of the water-cooling system by Furukawa Electric for the Kokan-Kawasaki power transmission line, following the one for the Gakunan Line, of Tokyo Electric Power Co. was started in November 1977 and completed in June 1978. Of all forced cooling systems, the indirect pipe water-cooling is most suitable, economical, and reliable for long-haul underground transmission lines. Generally the cooling system is said to increase the transmission capacity by 20=50% as compared with a line without it. This indirect pipe water-cooling system is in use for the duct sections of 154 kV OF cables (4 cct) and 66 kV CV cables (2 cct). It was so designed and installed as to ensure improved reliability and protection of local environments for stable power supply.

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