An optimal decision method for establishment of security objectives (Japanisch)

In: Transactions of the Information Processing Society of Japan   ;  41 ,  8  ;  2264-2271  ;  2000
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For the establishment of systematic information security countermeasures, the production of security policies or security objectives in a security design specification based on the international security evaluation standard ISO15408 has become more important. However, it is difficult to define the security objectives effectively and efficiently on complex mapping relationships between threats and objectives. We propose an optimal security objective decision method. The method provides the ability to determine the security objectives quantitatively from the viewpoint of effectiveness and efficiency. The method consists of two schemes. One is the derivation scheme of the security objective candidate sets for protection from possible threats by applying a minimal path set search algorithm on the fault trees (FT) with respect to the threats. The other is a decision scheme of optimal security objectives for minimizing the required cost by resolving a combinational optimization problem. Furthermore, we show the usefulness of the method in a case study.

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