Cold rolling of electrical steel (Englisch)

In: Metallurgy and Magnetism, 2004   ;  5-21  ;  2004

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Cold rolling is one of the essential steps within the fabrication route of electrical steels. Cold rolling of nonoriented electrical steels, which are based on FeSi-alloys with a content of (Si+2Al) < 3,5 wt % is directed: to reduce the thickness of the hot strip to the desired final thickness and to obtain deformation energy for the recrystallization process. With respect to the forming operation the aim is to reach an optimised profile: low geometrical tolerances, good flatness, low internal stresses and also optimum surface features. Control parameters for these quantities of the strip are: profile of hot strip, rolling forces at cold rolling, cross section of the working roll, bending forces of the working roll and the intermediate roll, axial displacement of the intermediate roll and horizontal displacement of the working roll and reel tension. Effects by cold rolling on the resulting magnetic properties are presented. The magnetic properties are mainly influenced by: mean grain size, magnetic texture components, precipitations, internal stress, homogeneity of the grain size across the thickness and surface of the surface region.

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