Dielectric aluminum oxides: Nano-structural features and composites (Englisch)

CARTS USA, Symposium for Passive Electronic Components, 27
; 2007
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The authors have developed a nano-composite dielectric aluminum oxide which combines amorphous oxide's extreme oxide stability toward the standard boiling water test with most of the capacitance of crystalline alumina. This oxide possesses a number of unique nanostructural characteristics which have been studied and are believed to contribute to this blend of high boiling water test stability and high capacitance. As an extension of one work reported earlier, further study of the amorphous oxide produced in an ethylene glycol forming environment, such as occurs at cut edges during the traditional aging process, has led to the discovery of new nano-structural features there as well. These structures are shown to depend upon process variables and seem to have their origins in the nano-environment present at the oxide surface during their production.

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