Cervical Ligamentum Flavum Hematoma: A Case Report (Englisch)

In: Global Spine Journal   ;  06 ,  01  ;  e30-e34  ;  2016

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Study Design Case report.

Objective To report the first case of ligamentum flavum hematoma after cervical spine instrumentation 11 years after the index surgery.

Methods After performing bilateral C3 and C4 laminectomy, we observed a dark greenish discoloration over the ligamentum flavum, which was opened. We evacuated 15 mL of subacute hematoma.

Results The first ligamentum flavum hematoma of the cervical spine that occurred after spinal instrumentation with sublaminar hooks.

Conclusion Ligamentum flavum hematoma might happen even after a long delay (in our case, 11 years) from spinal instrumentation (sublaminar hooks). In symptomatic patients, evacuation is the treatment of choice. In cases of instrument adhesion to the surrounding intracanal tissues, removal should be done meticulously after performing a complete release.

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