Preliminary Study on Novel Bone Tissue Engineering Scaffold with Stacking Hollow Hydroxyapatite Microspheres (Englisch)

Key Engineering Materials
Trans Tech Publications , Stafa-Zurich, Switzerland; 2007

This study was aimed to estimate the cell-activity after culture of the cell-material composite and to evaluate the feasibility of constructing tissue-engineered bone using this novel material. Hollow HA mcirospheres (H-HAMs), porous PLA\HA tube,polyurethane plunger were prepared respectively. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), which were derived from rat bone marrow were utilized as seed cells.Two different methods were used to integrate the seed cells and scaffold materials. Group A: H-HAMs were filled into porous HA tube, and porous polyurethane plungers were used to cover onto the ends of HA/PLA tubes as a whole, Then MSCs were cultured on the composite scaffolds; Group B: MSCs were compounded with H-HAMs completely first, then the pre-seeded composite of H-HAMs and cells was put into the porous PLA\HA tube which was then sealed with the polyurethane plunger. 1,3,5,7 and 9 days after cell-material composites were cultured, the growing status and adhesions of seed cells were observed. The viability of cells was quantified and increased over time in different methods, but was significantly higher in Group B after 9 days of culture. SEM detection revealed that more cells were detected on the PLA\HA tube and the outer layer of H-HAMs; growth of cells was more widespread and more cells were detected on H-HAMs in Group B. However, cells on H-HAMs seem to diminish over time in both groups. As a novel 3-D Hydroxyapatite scaffold, its H-HAMs are more easy to be integrated with seed cells, to be shaped according to clinical needs because of its semi-liquidity. However, the growth of cells especially in the inner core of the integrated material needs further research.

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