Based on Cloud-Technology Data Storage Security (Englisch)

In: Applied Mechanics and Materials   ;  6179-6183  ;  2014

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With the rapid development of information technology, the extensive use of cloud computing promotes technological change in the IT industry. The use of cloud storage industry is also one solution to the problem of an amount of data storing, which is traditionally large, and unimaginably redundant. The use of cloud computing in the storage system connects the user's data with network clients via the Internet. That is to say, it not only solves a lot of data storage space requirements in request, but also greatly reduces the cost of the storage system. But in the application of cloud storage, there are also many problems to be solved, even to some extent which has hindered the development of cloud storage. Among these issues, the most concerning one is cloud storage security. The following passages discuss the problem and propose a solution to it.