Shared-memory communication in distributed SoCs on multi-FPGA systems (Englisch)

In: edaWorkshop 11   ;  6  ;  2011

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In the field of high-precision measurement and control systems distributed multi-processor systems-on-chip on interconnected FPGA assemblies are a platform choice with the potential to achieve the required embedded real-time application performance. While there are multiple established on-chip system standards available, the off-chip communication is often subject to custom development. This paper introduces an interface component, which establishes a distributed shared memory with a unified global address space to abstract from an underlying physical bus topology. The shared memory implementation structure as part of a SoC design is introduced and the achievable performance on an experimental multi-FPGA platform is analysed.

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Pan, Xin / Graeb, Helmut | 2011
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Koppe, Roland / Häusler, Stefan / Poppen, Frank / Hahn, Axel | 2011
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Eine Methodik zur Nutzung von klassischen IP-Blöcken in 3D-Schaltkreisen
Knechtel, Johann / Lienig, Jens | 2011
Shared-memory communication in distributed SoCs on multi-FPGA systems
Müller, Marcus / Brandel, Oliver / Krahn, Alexander / Fengler, Wolfgang | 2011
Virtueller Prototyp einer faseroptischen Drehratenmesseinheit mit SystemC-AMS
Rieke, Stefan / Waydhas, Oliver | 2011
An NBTI model for efficient transient simulation of analogue circuits
Salfelder, Felix / Hedrich, Lars | 2011
An Approach toward Accurately Timed TLM+ for Embedded System Models
Lu, Kun / Müller-Gritschneder, Daniel / Ecker, Wolfgang / Esen, Volkan / Velten, Michael / Schlichtmann, Ulf | 2011