Solid Self‐Emulsifying Delivery System (S‐SEDS) of Dihydromyricetin: A New Way for Preparing Functional Food (Englisch)

In: Journal of Food Science   ;  84 ,  5  ;  936-945  ;  2019

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The present study was aimed at formulating and evaluating a novel solid self‐emulsifying delivery system (S‐SEDS) for the application in functional foods of dihydromyricetin (DMY). First, solubility study and pseudo‐ternary phase diagram analysis were adopted to optimize the formulation of liquid self‐emulsifying delivery system (L‐SEDS). And the thermodynamic stable L‐SEDS with 5% content of DMY was fabricated and further developed into a solid form via vacuum rotary evaporation with Aerosil 300 as the solid adsorbent. Solid state characterization of the S‐SEDS was performed by scanning electron microscopy, Fourier‐transform infrared spectroscopy, and X‐ray powder diffraction. Furthermore, studies proved that the antioxidant activity and bioaccessibility of DMY were improved after incorporated into S‐SEDS formulation compared to pure DMY. The S‐SEDS showed good resistance against various storage conditions investigated for 10 weeks.

Solid self‐emulsifying delivery system (S‐SEDS) combined the advantages of liquid self‐emulsifying delivery system with those of a solid dosage form to overcome the disadvantages associated with liquid formulations is more convenient for storage and transportation in practical application. Furthermore, the technology of producing S‐SEDS is simple and can be realized in industrial production. Hence, S‐SEDS could be a promising strategy to overcome the poor water solubility and short biological half‐life of dihydromyricetin for further application in functional foods and beverage industry.

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Professor Shridhar (Shri) K. Sathe–Thank You for Your Many Contributions and Rest in Peace
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Fan, Yu‐Hong / Ye, Rigui / Xu, Hai‐Yan / Feng, Xin‐Hong / Ma, Chao‐Mei | 2019
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