The impact of ι‐ and κ‐carrageenan addition on freezing process and ice crystals structure of strawberry sorbet frozen by various methods (Englisch)

In: Journal of Food Science   ;  85 ,  1  ;  50-56  ;  2020

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The aim of this work was to study the influence of ι‐ and κ‐carrageenan addition to strawberry sorbet prepared by various freezing methods (cryostat and conventional freezer) on freezing kinetics and ice crystals structure. Four variants of strawberry‐based sorbet were prepared: with no additive, with 0.1% addition of ι‐ and κ‐carrageenan, and 1:1 blend of both. Freezing curves and freezing time, as well as the size and morphology of ice crystals, were analyzed. The addition of carrageenan stabilizers resulted in freezing process elongation. Reference samples were characterized by different dynamics of the freezing process. The addition of carrageenan increased the final temperature of the samples, compared to the reference sample (even 2.6 °C of difference). Additives reduced ice crystals growth. The most efficient was mixture of both fractions of carrageenan––the samples in this variant frozen in conventional freezer were characterized by the smallest ice crystals diameter––average 5.44 µm, while for the reference sample it was 17.79 µm.

This research can give a new path for the carrageenan's hydrolysates application––not only for dairy products. Iota carrageenan fraction was recommended for dairy products according to its water‐holding capacity in the presence of calcium ions. This study showed that mix of ι‐ and κ‐carrageenan could bring positive results to such product as sorbet without any milk proteins addition. This experiment data could also be helpful when optimizing frozen desserts production in small gastronomy––especially the temperature and time of freezing modifications.

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