Biochemical and Conformational Changes of Myosin Purified from Pacific Sardine at Various pHs (Englisch)

In: Journal of Food Science   ;  73 ,  3  ;  C191-C197  ;  2008

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ABSTRACT:  Biochemical and conformational changes of purified sardine myosin were investigated at various pHs. The purity of myosin, as determined by SDS‐PAGE, was approximately 94.6%. One major band at 205 kDa, corresponding to myosin heavy chain, and 3 light chains at 31, 24, and 23 kDa were observed on the SDS‐PAGE gel. The greatest myosin protein solubility was observed at pH 7 and remained constant up to pH 11. Sardine myosin showed no solubility at pHs 2.5 to 5.0. Three endothermic peaks were obtained for samples prepared at pHs 7 and 10, while no peaks were shown for pH 2 samples, indicating chemical denaturation of myosin occurred before thermal treatment. The greatest Ca2+‐ATPase activity was observed at pH 7, while no activity was observed between pHs 2 and 5 and at pH 11. Total sulfhydryl content was not measured at pHs 2.5 to 4 while the greatest measure was obtained for samples at pH 5.5. Surface hydrophobicity was not detected from pHs 2.5 to 5.0; thereafter the content remained consistent through pH 11. Storage modulus, indicating the elastic element of myosin gels, was minimally affected at pH 2, indicating myosin was chemically denatured before the temperature sweep treatment. However, at pH 10, the thermal exposure of myosin, as evidenced by dynamic thermograms with deeper valleys at 40 to 60 °C, was noted, indicating myosin was not damaged by adjustment to pH 10 and therefore was still able to undergo thermal gelation.

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