2009 is a very good year!! (Englisch)

In: Journal of Food Science   ;  74 ,  9  ;  vii  ;  2009

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Inhaltsverzeichnis – Band 74, Ausgabe 9

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Flavor Characterization of Sugar‐Added Pennywort (Centella asiatica L.) Juices Treated with Ultra‐High Pressure and Thermal Processes
Apichartsrangkoon, Arunee / Wongfhun, Pronprapa / Gordon, Michael H. | 2009
A Comparison of the Effect of Macerating Enzymes and Pulsed Electric Fields Technology on Phenolic Content and Color of Red Wine
Puértolas, E. / Saldaña, G. / Condón, S. / Álvarez, I. / Raso, J. | 2009
Effects of Various Fiber Additions on Lipid Digestion during In Vitro Digestion of Beef Patties
Hur, S.J. / Lim, B.O. / Park, G.B. / Joo, S.T. | 2009
Germination Conditions Affect Physicochemical Properties of Germinated Brown Rice Flour
Charoenthaikij, Phantipha / Jangchud, Kamolwan / Jangchud, Anuvat / Piyachomkwan, Kuakoon / Tungtrakul, Patcharee / Prinyawiwatkul, Witoon | 2009
Effect of Fortification with Various Types of Milk Proteins on the Rheological Properties and Permeability of Nonfat Set Yogurt
Peng, Y. / Serra, M. / Horne, D.S. / Lucey, J.A. | 2009
Lycopene Epoxides and Apo‐Lycopenals Formed by Chemical Reactions and Autoxidation in Model Systems and Processed Foods
Rodriguez, Evelyn B. / Rodriguez‐Amaya, Delia B. | 2009
Effect of Various Types of Egg White on Characteristics and Gelation of Fish Myofibrillar Proteins
Hunt, Angela / Park, Jae W. / Handa, Akihiro | 2009
Phenolic Profiles and Antioxidant Properties of Apple Skin Extracts
Huber, G.M. / Rupasinghe, H.P.V. | 2009
Influence of Processing and Storage Time on the Lipidic Fraction of Taralli
Caponio, Francesco / Summo, Carmine / Pasqualone, Antonella / Paradiso, Vito Michele / Gomes, Tommaso | 2009
Controlling the Bleeding of Carmine Colorant in Crabstick
Poowakanjana, Samanan / Park, Jae W. | 2009
Antioxidant Activities of the Supercritical and Conventional Satureja montana Extracts
Grosso, C. / Oliveira, A.C. / Mainar, A.M. / Urieta, J.S. / Barroso, J.G. / Palavra, A.M.F. | 2009
Quenching Mechanism and Kinetics of Ascorbic Acid on the Photosensitizing Effects of Synthetic Food Colorant FD&C Red Nr 3
Yang, Tsung‐Shi / Min, David B. | 2009
Ultrasonic Investigation of the Effect of Vegetable Shortening and Mixing Time on the Mechanical Properties of Bread Dough
Mehta, K.L. / Scanlon, M.G. / Sapirstein, H.D. / Page, J.H. | 2009
A Novel Method for Air Drying Aloe Leaf Slices by Covering with Filter Papers as a Shrink‐Proof Layer
Kim, S.A. / Baek, J.H. / Lee, S.J. / Choi, S.Y. / Hur, W. / Lee, S.Y. | 2009
Multiobjective Optimization Approach: Thermal Food Processing
Abakarov, A. / Sushkov, Y. / Almonacid, S. / Simpson, R. | 2009
Effects of Acylation on the Functional Properties and In Vitro Trypsin Digestibility of Red Kidney Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) Protein Isolate
Yin, Shou‐Wei / Tang, Chuan‐He / Wen, Qi‐Biao / Yang, Xiao‐Quan | 2009
Relationship between Tissue Structural Collapse and Disappearance of Flesh Transparency during Postmortem Changes in Squid Mantles
Kugino, Mutsuko / Kugino, Kenji / Tamura, Tomoko / Asakura, Tomiko | 2009
Thermodynamic Analysis of Water Vapor Sorption Isotherms and Mechanical Properties of Selected Paper‐Based Food Packaging Materials
Rhim, Jong‐Whan / Lee, Jun Ho | 2009
Impact of Vacuum Cooking Process on the Texture Degradation of Selected Apple Cultivars
Bourles, E. / Mehinagic, E. / Courthaudon, J.L. / Jourjon, F. | 2009
Production of Spherical Granule from Viscous Red Ginseng Extracts for Improving Product Fluency and Preservation and Its Physicochemical Properties
Lee, Gyu‐Hee / Shin, Myung‐Gon | 2009
Slow Molecular Mobility in the Amorphous Solid State of Fructose: Fragility and Aging
Correia, Natália T. / Diogo, Hermínio P. / Moura Ramos, Joaquim J. | 2009
Synchronous Front‐Face Fluorescence Spectroscopy Coupled with Parallel Factors (PARAFAC) Analysis to Study the Effects of Cooking Time on Meat
Sahar, Amna / Boubellouta, Tahar / Portanguen, Stéphane / Kondjoyan, Alain / Dufour, Éric | 2009
Annual Reviewer Index
| 2009
Microbiological and Sensorial Quality Assessment of Ready‐to‐Cook Seafood Products Packaged under Modified Atmosphere
Speranza, B. / Corbo, M.R. / Conte, A. / Sinigaglia, M. / Del Nobile, M.A. | 2009
Survival of Cronobacter Species in Reconstituted Herbal Infant Teas and their Sensitivity to Bovine Lactoferrin
Al‐Nabulsi, Anas A. / Osaili, Tareq M. / Shaker, Reyad R. / Olaimat, Amin N. / Ayyash, Mutamed M. / Holley, Richard A. | 2009
Antibrowning and Antimicrobial Properties of Sodium Acid Sulfate in Apple Slices
Fan, Xuetong / Sokorai, Kimberly J.B. / Liao, Ching‐Hsing / Cooke, Peter / Zhang, Howard Q. | 2009
Sensitivity of Listeria monocytogenes Scott A to Nisin and Diacetyl after Starvation in Sodium Phosphate Buffered Saline
O'Bryan, Corliss A. / Sostrin, Michael L. / Nannapaneni, Ramakrishna / Ricke, Steven C. / Crandall, Philip G. / Johnson, Michael G. | 2009
Effect of Gamma Radiation and Oregano Essential Oil on Murein and ATP Concentration of Staphylococcus aureus
Caillet, Stéphane / Ursachi, Laura / Shareck, François / Lacroix, Monique | 2009
Inactivation of Aspergillus niger in Mango Nectar by High‐Pressure Homogenization Combined with Heat Shock
Tribst, Alline A.L. / Franchi, Mark A. / Cristianini, Marcelo / De Massaguer, Pilar R. | 2009
Effect of Organic Acids and Plant Extracts on Escherichia coli O157:H7, Listeria monocytogenes, and Salmonella Typhimurium in Broth Culture Model and Chicken Meat Systems
Over, K.F. / Hettiarachchy, N. / Johnson, M.G. / Davis, B. | 2009
Effect of Salt, Smoke Compound, and Temperature on the Survival of Listeria monocytogenes in Salmon during Simulated Smoking Processes
Hwang, Cheng‐An / Sheen, Shiowshuh / Juneja, Vijay K. | 2009
Correlations of Antioxidant Activity against Phenolic Content Revisited: A New Approach in Data Analysis for Food and Medicinal Plants
Jacobo‐Velázquez, D.A. / Cisneros‐Zevallos, L. | 2009
Folate: A Functional Food Constituent
Iyer, Ramya / Tomar, S.K. | 2009
Glycemic Responses and Sensory Characteristics of Whole Yellow Pea Flour Added to Novel Functional Foods
Marinangeli, Christopher P.F. / Kassis, Amira N. / Jones, Peter J.H. | 2009
Controlling Light Oxidation Flavor in Milk by Blocking Riboflavin Excitation Wavelengths by Interference
Webster, J.B. / Duncan, S.E. / Marcy, J.E. / O'Keefe, S.F. | 2009
A Novel Bread Making Process Using Salt‐Stressed Baker's Yeast
Yeh, Lien‐Te / Charles, Albert Linton / Ho, Chi‐Tang / Huang, Tzou‐Chi | 2009
Nutritional, Physical, and Sensory Evaluation of Hydroponic Carrots (Daucus carota L.) from Different Nutrient Delivery Systems
Gichuhi, P.N. / Mortley, D. / Bromfield, E. / Bovell‐Benjamin, A.C. | 2009
Tenderness Perception of Poultry Major Pectoralis Muscle during Mastication
Lee, Y.S. / Owens, C.M. / Meullenet, J.F. | 2009
Selected Quality and Shelf Life of Eggs Coated with Mineral Oil with Different Viscosities
Waimaleongora‐Ek, Pamarin / Garcia, Karen M. / No, Hong Kyoon / Prinyawiwatkul, Witoon / Ingram, Dennis R. | 2009
Essential Oil of Artemisia Capillaris Induces Apoptosis in KB Cells via Mitochondrial Stress and Caspase Activation Mediated by MAPK‐Stimulated Signaling Pathway
Cha, Jeong‐Dan / Moon, Sang‐Eun / Kim, Hye‐Young / Cha, In‐Ho / Lee, Kyung‐Yeol | 2009
Mutagenicity and Safety Evaluation of Ethanolic Extract of Prunus mume
Lu, Baiyi / Wu, Xiaoqin / Dong, Yuejie / Gong, Jinyan / Zhang, Ying | 2009
Industrial Applications of Selected JFS Articles
| 2009
2009 is a very good year!!
Lund, Daryl | 2009
Nanoscale Particles in Food and Food Packaging
Rao, M. A. | 2009