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In: Journal of Food Science   ;  75 ,  2  ;  vii  ;  2010

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Inhaltsverzeichnis – Band 75, Ausgabe 2

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Simultaneous Spectrophotometric Determination of 2‐Thiouracil and 2‐Mercaptobenzimidazole in Animal Tissue Using Multivariate Calibration Methods: Concerns and Rapid Methods for Detection
Beheshti, Abolghasem / Riahi, Siavash / Pourbasheer, Eslam / Ganjali, Mohammad Reza / Norouzi, Parviz | 2010
Composition and Oxidative Stability of a Structured Lipid from Amaranth Oil in a Milk‐Based Infant Formula
Pina‐Rodriguez, Ashanty M. / Akoh, Casimir C. | 2010
Increases of 2‐Furanmethanol and Maltol in Korean Red Ginseng during Explosive Puffing Process
Lee, Sang‐Jun / Moon, Tae Wha / Lee, JaeHwan | 2010
Microwave‐Assisted Autohydrolysis of Prunus mume Stone for Extraction of Polysaccharides and Phenolic Compounds
Tsubaki, S. / Ozaki, Y. / Azuma, J. | 2010
Quantification of Quercetin Glycosides in 6 Onion Cultivars and Comparisons of Hydrolysis‐HPLC and Spectrophotometric Methods in Measuring Total Quercetin Concentrations
Yoo, Kil Sun / Lee, Eun Jin / Patil, Bhimanagouda S. | 2010
Effect of Cooking Method, Distiller's Grains, and Vitamin E Supplementation on the Vitamin Content of Value Cuts from Beef Steers Fed Wet Distiller's Grains and Solubles and Supplemental Vitamin E
Kim, Y.N. / Giraud, D.W. / Masrizal, M.A. / Hamouz, F.L. / Watanabe, K. / Schnepf, M.I. / De Mello, Jr, A.S. / Erickson, G.E. / Calkins, C.R. / Driskell, J.A. | 2010
Degradation Kinetics of Anthocyanin in Blueberry Juice during Thermal Treatment
Kechinski, Carolina Pereira / Guimarães, Pâmela Virgínia Ramos / Noreña, Caciano Pelayo Zapata / Tessaro, Isabel Cristina / Marczak, Lígia Damasceno Ferreira | 2010
Thermal Behavior of Potato Starch and Water‐Vaporization Behavior of Its Paste Controlled with Amino Acid and Peptide‐Rich Food Materials
Sakauchi, Satoshi / Hattori, Makoto / Yoshida, Tadashi / Yagishita, Takahiro / Ito, Koichi / Akemitsu, Shin‐ichi / Takahashi, Koji | 2010
Formulation of a Dry Green Tea‐Apple Product: Study on Antioxidant and Color Stability
Lavelli, Vera / Vantaggi, Claudia / Corey, Mark / Kerr, William | 2010
Effects of Phytases and Dehulling Treatments on In Vitro Iron and Zinc Bioavailability in Faba Bean (Vicia faba L.) Flour and Legume Fractions
Luo, Yuwei / Xie, Weihua / Cui, Qunxiang | 2010
Chemical Characterization of Orange Juice from Trees Infected with Citrus Greening (Huanglongbing)
Dagulo, Lilibeth / Danyluk, Michelle D. / Spann, Timothy M. / Valim, M. Filomena / Goodrich‐Schneider, Renée / Sims, Charles / Rouseff, Russell | 2010
Rapid Analysis of Glucose, Fructose, Sucrose, and Maltose in Honeys from Different Geographic Regions using Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy and Multivariate Analysis
Wang, Jun / Kliks, Michael M. / Jun, Soojin / Jackson, Mel / Li, Qing X. | 2010
Hydroxyl Radical and Ferryl‐Generating Systems Promote Gel Network Formation of Myofibrillar Protein
Xiong, Youling L. / Blanchard, Suzanne P. / Ooizumi, Tooru / Ma, Yuanyuan | 2010
Modeling of the Humidity Effects on the Oxygen Absorption by Iron‐Based Scavengers
Polyakov, Vladimir A. / Miltz, Joseph | 2010
Texturized Dairy Proteins
Onwulata, Charles I. / Phillips, John G. / Tunick, Michael H. / Qi, Phoebi X. / Cooke, Peter H. | 2010
New Automated Microwave Heating Process for Cooking and Pasteurization of Microwaveable Foods Containing Raw Meats
Huang, Lihan / Sites, Joseph | 2010
Preparation and Characterization of Water/Oil/Water Emulsions Stabilized by Polyglycerol Polyricinoleate and Whey Protein Isolate
Mun, Saehun / Choi, Yongdoo / Rho, Shin‐Joung / Kang, Choon‐Gil / Park, Chan‐Ho / Kim, Yong‐Ro | 2010
Release of Naturally Derived Antimicrobial Agents from LDPE Films
Cran, Marlene J. / Rupika, L.A.S. / Sonneveld, Kees / Miltz, Joseph / Bigger, Stephen W. | 2010
D‐Psicose, a Sweet Monosaccharide, Ameliorate Hyperglycemia, and Dyslipidemia in C57BL/6J db/db Mice
Baek, S.H. / Park, S.J. / Lee, H.G. | 2010
Antimicrobial Property, Antioxidant Capacity, and Cytotoxicity of Essential Oil from Cumin Produced in Iran
Allahghadri, Tolou / Rasooli, Iraj / Owlia, Parviz / Nadooshan, Mohammadreza Jalali / Ghazanfari, Tooba / Taghizadeh, Massoud / Astaneh, Shakiba Darvish Alipoor | 2010
Effect of Fish and Oil Nature on Frying Process and Nutritional Product Quality
Ansorena, Diana / Guembe, Ainhoa / Mendizábal, Tatiana / Astiasarán, Iciar | 2010
Antioxidant, Antimutagenic, and Antidiabetic Activities of Edible Leaves from Cnidoscolus chayamansa Mc. Vaugh
Loarca‐Piña, Guadalupe / Mendoza, Sandra / Ramos‐Gómez, Minerva / Reynoso, Rosalia | 2010
| 2010
Effect of Calcium Propionate and Water Activity on Growth and Aflatoxins Production by Aspergillus flavus
Alam, Sahib / Shah, Hamid Ullah / Magan, Naresh | 2010
Active Packaging of Fresh Chicken Breast, with Allyl Isothiocyanate (AITC) in Combination with Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) to Control the Growth of Pathogens
Shin, Joongmin / Harte, Bruce / Ryser, Elliot / Selke, Susan | 2010
Combination of Sodium Chlorite and Calcium Propionate Reduces Enzymatic Browning and Microbial Population of Fresh‐Cut “Granny Smith” Apples
Guan, Wenqiang / Fan, Xuetong | 2010
Potent Anticariogenic Activity of Aceriphyllum rossii and Its Components, Aceriphyllic Acid A and 3‐oxoolean‐12‐en‐27‐oic Acid
Zheng, Chang‐Ji / Oh, Hyun‐Woo / Kim, Won‐Gon | 2010
Inactivation of Listeria monocytogenes in Skim Milk and Liquid Egg White by Antimicrobial Bottle Coating with Polylactic Acid and Nisin
Jin, Tony | 2010
Water Activity and Temperature Effects on Fungal Growth and Ochratoxin A Production by Ochratoxigenic Aspergillus carbonarius Isolated from Tunisian Grapes
Lasram, Salma / Oueslati, Souheib / Valero, Ana / Marin, Sonia / Ghorbel, Abdelwahed / Sanchis, Vicente | 2010
Evaluation of Natural Antimicrobials on Typical Meat Spoilage Bacteria In Vitro and in Vacuum‐Packed Pork Meat
Schirmer, Bjørn Christian / Langsrud, Solveig | 2010
Improvements in the Quality and Shelf Life of Kimchi by Fermentation with the Induced Bacteriocin‐Producing Strain, Leuconostoc citreum GJ7 as a Starter
Chang, Ji Yoon / Chang, Hae Choon | 2010
Combined Effects of Alkaline Electrolyzed Water and Citric Acid with Mild Heat to Control Microorganisms on Cabbage
Rahman, S.M.E. / Jin, Yong‐Guo / Oh, Deog‐Hwan | 2010
Potentialities of High‐Pressure Homogenization to Inactivate Zygosaccharomyces bailii in Fruit Juices
Patrignani, Francesca / Vannini, Lucia / Kamdem, Sylvain Leroy Sado / Lanciotti, Rosalba / Guerzoni, M. Elisabetta | 2010
Synergistic Reduction of Salmonella in a Model Raw Chicken Media using a Combined Thermal and Acidified Organic Acid Salt Intervention Treatment
Milillo, S.R. / Ricke, S.C. | 2010
Rheological and Thermal Properties of Polylactide/Silicate Nanocomposites Films
Ahmed, Jasim / Varshney, Sunil K. / Auras, Rafeal | 2010
Develop a Novel Method for Removing Fusel Alcohols from Rice Spirits Using Nanofiltration
Hsieh, Chang‐Wei / Huang, Yi‐Hsiang / Lai, Cheng‐Hung / Ho, Wai‐Jane / Ko, Wen‐Ching | 2010
Rheological Behavior of High‐Concentration Sodium Caseinate Dispersions
Loveday, Simon M. / Rao, M. Anandha / Creamer, Lawrence K. / Singh, Harjinder | 2010
Biopolymer Nanoparticles from Heat‐Treated Electrostatic Protein–Polysaccharide Complexes: Factors Affecting Particle Characteristics
Jones, Owen Griffith / McClements, David Julian | 2010
Stochastic and Deterministic Model of Microbial Heat Inactivation
Corradini, Maria G. / Normand, Mark D. / Peleg, Micha | 2010
Effects of Oregano Oil Brine Enhancement on Quality Attributes of Beef Longissimus dorsi and Semimembranosus Muscles from Various Age Animals
Scramlin, Stacy M. / Newman, Melissa C. / Cox, Ryan B. / Sepe, Hilary A. / Alderton, Amy L. / O'Leary, Joseph / Mikel, William B. | 2010
Application of Agonist‐Receptor Modeling to the Sweetness Synergy between High Fructose Corn Syrup and Sucralose, and between High‐Potency Sweeteners
Wolf, P.A. / Bridges, J.R. / Wicklund, R. | 2010
Consumer Acceptance of Ozone‐Treated Whole Shell Eggs
Kamotani, Setsuko / Hooker, Neal / Smith, Stephanie / Lee, Ken | 2010
Physicochemical Effects of the Lipid Phase and Protein Level on Meat Emulsion Stability, Texture, and Microstructure
Youssef, M.K. / Barbut, S. | 2010
Determination of Polyphenols, Flavonoids, and Antioxidant Capacity in Colored Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)
Segev, Aharon / Badani, Hana / Kapulnik, Yoram / Shomer, Ilan / Oren‐Shamir, Michal / Galili, Shmuel | 2010
Gel Strength and Sensory Attributes of Fig (Ficus carica) Jams and Preserves as Influenced by Ripeness
Levaj, Branka / Bunić, Nedjeljka / Dragović‐Uzelac, Verica / Kovačević, Danijela Bursać | 2010
Chitosan Acetate as an Active Coating Material and Its Effects on the Storing of Prunus avium L.
Dang, Qi Feng / Yan, Jing Quan / Li, Yan / Cheng, Xiao Jie / Liu, Cheng Sheng / Chen, Xi Guang | 2010
Sensory Properties Determined by Starch Type in White Sauces: Effects of Freeze/Thaw and Hydrocolloid Addition
Arocas, A. / Sanz, T. / Salvador, A. / Varela, P. / Fiszman, S.M. | 2010
Descriptive Analysis and U.S. Consumer Acceptability of 6 Green Tea Samples from China, Japan, and Korea
Lee, Jeehyun / Chambers, Delores H. | 2010
Effects of Vitamin E and Organic Selenium on Oxidative Stability of ω‐3 Enriched Dark Chicken Meat during Cooking
Perez, T.I. / Zuidhof, M.J. / Renema, R.A. / Curtis, J.M. / Ren, Y. / Betti, M. | 2010
Frozen Beef Contamination after Exposure to Low Levels of Ammonia Gas
Karim, F. / Hijaz, F. / Kastner, C.L. / Smith, J.S. | 2010
Inhibition of Heterocyclic Amine Formation in Beef Patties by Ethanolic Extracts of Rosemary
Puangsombat, Kanithaporn / Smith, J. Scott | 2010
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| 2010
Lund, Daryl | 2010
In Memoriam: Stanley J. Kazeniac
| 2010