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In: Journal of Food Science   ;  75 ,  4  ;  vii  ;  2010

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Dehydration of Pollock Skin Prior to Gelatin Production
Bower, Cindy K. / Avena‐Bustillos, Roberto J. / Hietala, Katie A. / Bilbao‐Sainz, Cristina / Olsen, Carl W. / McHugh, Tara H. | 2010
Effects of Ultrasonic Treatment on the Physicochemical Properties and DPPH Radical Scavenging Activity of Polysaccharides from Mushroom Inonotus obliquus
Fu, Lingling / Chen, Haixia / Dong, Peng / Zhang, Xin / Zhang, Min | 2010
Phenolic Content and Antioxidant Activity of Raspberry and Blackberry Cultivars
Sariburun, Esra / Şahin, Saliha / Demir, Cevdet / Türkben, Cihat / Uylaşer, Vildan | 2010
Thermal Stability of l‐Ascorbic Acid and Ascorbic Acid Oxidase in Broccoli (Brassica oleracea var. italica)
Munyaka, Ann Wambui / Makule, Edna Edward / Oey, Indrawati / Van Loey, Ann / Hendrickx, Marc | 2010
Supercritical Fluid Chromatography of Myrosinase Reaction Products in Ground Yellow Mustard Seed Oil
Choubdar, Niloufar / Li, Shuliu / Holley, Richard A. | 2010
Thermal Stability of Tagatose in Solution
Luecke, Katherine J. / Bell, Leonard N. | 2010
Comparison of Volatile Release in Tomatillo and Different Varieties of Tomato during Chewing
Xu, Yichi / Barringer, Sheryl | 2010
Polyphenolic Acids from Mint (the Aerial of Mentha haplocalyx Briq.) with DPPH Radical Scavenging Activity
She, G.‐M. / Xu, C. / Liu, B. / Shi, R.‐B. | 2010
Extraction and Removal of Caffeine from Green Tea by Ultrasonic‐Enhanced Supercritical Fluid
Tang, Wei‐Qiang / Li, Di‐Cai / Lv, Yang‐Xiao / Jiang, Jian‐Guo | 2010
Transglutaminase Catalysis of Modified Whey Protein Dispersions
Clare, Debra A. / Daubert, Christopher R. | 2010
Ginsenoside Composition and Antiproliferative Activities of Explosively Puffed Ginseng (Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer)
Yoon, Sung‐Ran / Lee, Gee‐Dong / Park, Jung‐Hyun / Lee, In‐Seon / Kwon, Joong‐Ho | 2010
Broccoli‐Derived By‐Products—A Promising Source of Bioactive Ingredients
Domínguez‐Perles, Raúl / Martínez‐Ballesta, Maria Carmen / Carvajal, Micaela / García‐Viguera, Cristina / Moreno, Diego A. | 2010
Optimization of Combined Microwave–Hot Air Roasting of Malt Based on Energy Consumption and Neo‐Formed Contaminants Content
Akkarachaneeyakorn, S. / Laguerre, J.C. / Tattiyakul, J. / Neugnot, B. / Boivin, P. / Morales, F.J. / Birlouez‐Aragon, I. | 2010
Altering Functional Properties of Fats Using Power Ultrasound
Suzuki, A.H. / Lee, J. / Padilla, S.G. / Martini, S. | 2010
Biodegradable Poly(butylene adipate‐co‐terephthalate) Films Incorporated with Nisin: Characterization and Effectiveness against Listeria innocua
Bastarrachea, Luis / Dhawan, Sumeet / Sablani, Shyam S. / Mah, Jae‐Hyung / Kang, Dong‐Hyun / Zhang, Jinwen / Tang, Juming | 2010
Shelf‐Life Extension of Fresh Tuber aestivum and Tuber melanosporum Truffles by Modified Atmosphere Packaging with Microperforated Films
Rivera, Carmen Susana / Blanco, Domingo / Salvador, María Luisa / Venturini, María Eugenia | 2010
Tastier and Healthier Alternatives to French Fries
Rommens, Caius M. / Shakya, Roshani / Heap, Mark / Fessenden, Kristi | 2010
Peanuts, Peanut Oil, and Fat Free Peanut Flour Reduced Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors and the Development of Atherosclerosis in Syrian Golden Hamsters
Stephens, Amanda M. / Dean, Lisa L. / Davis, Jack P. / Osborne, Jason A. / Sanders, Timothy H. | 2010
Polyphenol‐Rich Beverages Enhance Zinc Uptake and Metallothionein Expression in Caco‐2 Cells
Sreenivasulu, Kilari / Raghu, Pullakhandam / Nair, K. Madhavan | 2010
Antihypertensive Effect of Salt‐Free Soy Sauce, a New Fermented Seasoning, in Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats
Matsui, Toshiro / Zhu, Xiao‐Lin / Shiraishi, Koso / Ueki, Tatsuro / Noda, Yoshiharu / Matsumoto, Kiyoshi | 2010
Impact of Changes in Sugar Exudate Created by Biological Damage to Tomato Plants on the Persistence of Escherichia coli O157:H7
Aruscavage, Daniel / Phelan, P. Larry / Lee, Ken / LeJeune, Jeffrey T. | 2010
Effect of Thawing and Cold Storage on Frozen Chicken Thigh Meat Quality by High‐Voltage Electrostatic Field
Hsieh, Chang‐Wei / Lai, Cheng‐Hung / Ho, Wai‐Jane / Huang, Su‐Chen / Ko, Wen‐Ching | 2010
Cloning, Expression, and Genus‐Specificity Analysis of 28‐kDa OmpK from Vibrio alginolyticus
Li, Yan‐Dong / Ren, Hong‐Lin / Lu, Shi‐Ying / Zhou, Yu / Han, Xue / Gong, Bin‐Bin / Zhang, Yuan‐Yuan / Liu, Zeng‐Shan | 2010
Preservation of Acidified Cucumbers with a Natural Preservative Combination of Fumaric Acid and Allyl Isothiocyanate that Target Lactic Acid Bacteria and Yeasts
Pérez‐Díaz, I.M. / McFeeters, R.F. | 2010
Evaluation of Brining Ingredients and Antimicrobials for Effects on Thermal Destruction of Escherichia coli O157:H7 in a Meat Model System
Byelashov, Oleksandr A. / Adler, Jeremy M. / Geornaras, Ifigenia / Ko, Kyung Yuk / Belk, Keith E. / Smith, Gary C. / Sofos, John N. | 2010
Isolation and Identification of Bacillus spp. and Related Genera from Different Starchy Foods
Fangio, Maria Florencia / Roura, Sara Ines / Fritz, Rosalía | 2010
Low‐Dose Irradiation Improves Microbial Quality and Shelf Life of Fresh Mint (Mentha piperita L.) without Compromising Visual Quality
Hsu, Wei‐Yea / Simonne, Amarat / Jitareerat, Pongphen / Marshall Jr., Maurice R. | 2010
Efficacy of Sanitized Ice in Reducing Bacterial Load on Fish Fillet and in the Water Collected from the Melted Ice
Feliciano, Lizanel / Lee, Jaesung / Lopes, John A. / Pascall, Melvin A. | 2010
Microbial Growth in Dry Grain Food (Sunsik) Beverages Prepared with Water, Milk, Soymilk, or Honey‐Water
Jung, Jin‐Ho / Lee, Sun‐Young | 2010
Modeling Microbial Spoilage and Quality of Gilthead Seabream Fillets: Combined Effect of Osmotic Pretreatment, Modified Atmosphere Packaging, and Nisin on Shelf Life
Tsironi, Theofania N. / Taoukis, Petros S. | 2010
The Impact of Grape Skin Bioactive Functionality Information on the Acceptability of Tea Infusions Made from Wine By‐Products
Cheng, Vern Jou / Bekhit, Alaa El‐Din A. / Sedcole, Richard / Hamid, Nazimah | 2010
Relation between Developmental Stage, Sensory Properties, and Volatile Content of Organically and Conventionally Grown Pac Choi (Brassica rapa var. Mei Qing Choi)
Talavera‐Bianchi, Martin / Adhikari, Koushik / Chambers IV, Edgar / Carey, Edward E. / Chambers, Delores H. | 2010
A Novel Tensile Test Method to Assess Texture and Gaping in Salmon Fillets
Ashton, Thomas J. / Michie, Ian / Johnston, Ian A. | 2010
Carotenoid and Chlorophyll‐Derived Compounds in Some Wine Grapes Grown in Apulian Region
Crupi, Pasquale / Coletta, Antonio / Milella, Rosa Anna / Palmisano, Giuseppe / Baiano, Antonella / La Notte, Ennio / Antonacci, Donato | 2010
Flavor Lexicon for Sensory Descriptive Profiling of Different Rice Types
Limpawattana, M. / Shewfelt, R.L. | 2010
Influence of Nutrients Addition to Nonlimited‐in‐Nitrogen Must on Wine Volatile Composition
González‐Marco, Ana / Jiménez‐Moreno, Nerea / Ancín‐Azpilicueta, Carmen | 2010
Drivers of Liking for Yogurt Drinks with Prebiotics and Probiotics
Allgeyer, L.C. / Miller, M.J. / Lee, S.‐Y. | 2010
Effect of Liberibacter Infection (Huanglongbing or “Greening” Disease) of Citrus on Orange Juice Flavor Quality by Sensory Evaluation
Plotto, Anne / Baldwin, Elizabeth / McCollum, Greg / Manthey, John / Narciso, Jan / Irey, Mike | 2010
Effect of Inclusion of Salmon Roe on Characteristics of Salmon Baby Food Products
Desantos, F.A. / Bechtel, P. / Smiley, S. / Brewer, M.S. | 2010
Effect of Hydrodynamic Pressure Processing on the Processing and Quality Characteristics of Moisture‐Enhanced Pork Loins
Bowker, B. / Liu, M. / Callahan, J. / Solomon, M. | 2010
On the Effect of Tastant Excluded Fillers on Sweetness and Saltiness of a Model Food
Goh, S.M. / Leroux, B. / Groeneschild, C.A.G. / Busch, J.L.H.C. | 2010
Thermal Stability of Ricin in Orange and Apple Juices
Jackson, Lauren S. / Zhang, Zhe / Tolleson, William H. | 2010
In Vitro and In Vivo Metabolism of the Radiolytic Compound 2‐Dodecylcyclobutanone
Hijaz, Faraj / Shrestha, Tej B. / Bossman, Stefan H. / Hussain, Faris / Smith, J. Scott | 2010
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