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In: Journal of Food Science   ;  75 ,  8  ;  vii  ;  2010

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Inhaltsverzeichnis – Band 75, Ausgabe 8

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Effects of Heating Temperatures and Addition of Reconstituted Milk on the Heat Indicators in Milk
Lan, X.Y. / Wang, J.Q. / Bu, D.P. / Shen, J.S. / Zheng, N. / Sun, P. | 2010
Effects of Riboflavin Photosensitization on Daidzein and Its Photosensitized Derivatives
Park, ChanUk / Yeo, JuDong / Park, MinHee / Park, Jin‐Byung / Lee, JaeHwan | 2010
Bioactivities of Kernel Extracts of 18 Strains of Maize (Zea mays)
Lee, Chen‐Hsien / Garcia, Hugo S. / Parkin, Kirk L. | 2010
Glucosinolates in Broccoli Sprouts (Brassica oleracea var. italica) as Conditioned by Sulphate Supply during Germination
Pérez‐Balibrea, Santiago / Moreno, Diego A. / García‐Viguera, Cristina | 2010
Effect of Antibrowning Agents on Browning and Intermediate Formation in the Glucose–Glutamic Acid Model
Lim, Seong‐Il / Kwak, Eun‐Jung / Lee, Ok‐Hwan / Lee, Boo‐Yong | 2010
Identification of Candidate Amino Acids Involved in the Formation of Pink‐Red Pigments in Onion (Allium cepa L.) Juice and Separation by HPLC
Lee, Eun Jin / Yoo, Kil Sun / Patil, Bhimanagouda S. | 2010
Extraction and Normal‐Phase HPLC‐Fluorescence‐Electrospray MS Characterization and Quantification of Procyanidins in Cranberry Extracts
Wallace, Taylor C. / Giusti, M. Monica | 2010
Physical Performance of Biodegradable Films Intended for Antimicrobial Food Packaging
Marcos, Begonya / Aymerich, Teresa / Monfort, Josep M. / Garriga, Margarita | 2010
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Relaxation Spectrum Analysis as Methods to Investigate Swelling in Whey Protein Gels
Oztop, Mecit H. / Rosenberg, Moshe / Rosenberg, Yael / McCarthy, Kathryn L. / McCarthy, Michael J. | 2010
Determination of a Representative Volume Element Based on the Variability of Mechanical Properties with Sample Size in Bread
Ramírez, Cristian / Young, Ashley / James, Bryony / Aguilera, José M. | 2010
Minimal Effects of High‐Pressure Treatment on Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhimurium Inoculated into Peanut Butter and Peanut Products
Grasso, Elizabeth M. / Somerville, Jeremy A. / Balasubramaniam, V.M. / Lee, Ken | 2010
Process Control of Lightly Salted Wild and Farmed Atlantic Cod (Gadus morhua) by Brine Injection, Brining, and Freezing—A Low Field NMR Study
Gudjonsdottir, Maria / Gunnlaugsson, Valur N. / Finnbogadottir, Gudrun A. / Sveinsdottir, Kolbrun / Magnusson, Hannes / Arason, Sigurjon / Rustad, Turid | 2010
Effect of Powder and Target Properties on Wrap Around Effect during Coating
Sumonsiri, Nutsuda / Barringer, Sheryl A. | 2010
The Effects of Presalting Methods from Injection to Pickling, on the Yields of Heavily Salted Cod (Gadus morhua)
Thorarinsdottir, Kristin Anna / Arason, Sigurjon / Thorkelsson, Gudjon / Sigurgisladottir, Sjofn / Tornberg, Eva | 2010
Prediction of the Weight of Alaskan Pollock Using Image Analysis
Balaban, Murat O. / Chombeau, Melanie / Cırban, Dilşat / Gümüş, Bahar | 2010
Effect of Active Packaging Incorporated with Triclosan on Bacteria Adhesion
Camilloto, Geany P. / Pires, Ana Clarissa S. / Soares, Nilda de Fátima F. / Araújo, Emiliane A. / Andrade, Nélio J. / Ferreira, Sukarno O. | 2010
Rheological Properties of Gelatin from Silver Carp Skin Compared to Commercially Available Gelatins from Different Sources
Boran, G. / Mulvaney, S.J. / Regenstein, J.M. | 2010
Glycemic Responses to Sweetened Dried and Raw Cranberries in Humans with Type 2 Diabetes
Wilson, Ted / Luebke, Justin L. / Morcomb, Erin F. / Carrell, Emily J. / Leveranz, Megan C. / Kobs, Lisa / Schmidt, Travis P. / Limburg, Paul J. / Vorsa, Nicholi / Singh, Ajay P. | 2010
Modified Apple Polysaccharides Could Induce Apoptosis in Colorectal Cancer Cells
Li, Yuhua / Niu, Yinbo / Wu, Huanjie / Sun, Yang / Li, Qian / Kong, Xianghe / Liu, Li / Mei, Qibing | 2010
The Protective Effects of Long‐Term Oral Administration of Marine Collagen Hydrolysate from Chum Salmon on Collagen Matrix Homeostasis in the Chronological Aged Skin of Sprague‐Dawley Male Rats
Liang, Jiang / Pei, Xinrong / Zhang, Zhaofeng / Wang, Nan / Wang, Junbo / Li, Yong | 2010
Activity‐Guided Isolation and Identification of Radical Scavenging Components in Gao‐Cha Tea
Lu, Rui‐Li / Hu, Feng‐Lin / Xia, Tao | 2010
The Antiallergic Effect of Kefir Lactobacilli
Hong, Wei‐Sheng / Chen, Yen‐Po / Chen, Ming‐Ju | 2010
Natural Flavone Kaempferol Suppresses Chemokines Expression in Human Monocyte THP‐1 Cells through MAPK Pathways
Huang, Ching‐Hua / Jan, Ren‐Long / Kuo, Chang‐Hung / Chu, Yu‐Te / Wang, Wei‐Li / Lee, Min‐Sheng / Chen, Huan‐Nan / Hung, Chih‐Hsing | 2010
Dietary Ligands as Determinants of Iron–Zinc Interactions at the Absorptive Enterocyte
Iyengar, Vasuprada / Pullakhandam, Raghu / Nair, K. Madhavan | 2010
Immunizing Effects of Cocultures of H22 Hepatocarcinoma Cells and Cartilage Polysaccharide on Murine H22 Hepatocarcinoma
Han, Xue / Liu, An‐Jun / Zhao, Xi‐Hua / Li, Yan‐Dong / Zheng, Guo‐Qiang / Zhang, Guo‐Rong | 2010
Isolation and Characterization of Barosensitive Mutants of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Obtained by UV Mutagenesis
Shigematsu, Toru / Nasuhara, Yusuke / Nagai, Gen / Nomura, Kazuki / Ikarashi, Kenta / Hirayama, Masao / Hayashi, Mayumi / Ueno, Shigeaki / Fujii, Tomoyuki | 2010
Temperature and Bacterial Profile of Post Chill Poultry Carcasses Stored in Processing Combo Held at Room Temperature
Handley, John A. / Hanning, Irene / Ricke, Steven C. / Johnson, Michael G. / Jones, Frank T. / Apple, Robert O. | 2010
Use of Tuf Gene‐Based Primers for the PCR Detection of Probiotic Bifidobacterium Species and Enumeration of Bifidobacteria in Fermented Milk by Cultural and Quantitative Real‐Time PCR Methods
Sheu, Sen‐Je / Hwang, Wen‐Zhe / Chiang, Yu‐Cheng / Lin, Wen‐Hsin / Chen, Hsin‐Chih / Tsen, Hau‐Yang | 2010
Preservation of Chicken Breast Meat Treated with Thyme and Balm Essential Oils
Fratianni, Florinda / De Martino, Laura / Melone, Antonio / De Feo, Vincenzo / Coppola, Raffaele / Nazzaro, Filomena | 2010
Characterization of Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated from Italian Bella di Cerignola Table Olives: Selection of Potential Multifunctional Starter Cultures
Bevilacqua, Antonio / Altieri, Clelia / Corbo, Maria Rosaria / Sinigaglia, Milena / Ouoba, Labia Irène Ivette | 2010
Thermal and Rheological Properties of L‐Polylactide/Polyethylene Glycol/Silicate Nanocomposites Films
Ahmed, Jasim / Varshney, Sunil K. / Auras, Rafael / Hwang, Sung W. | 2010
Properties of Bread Dough with Added Fiber Polysaccharides and Phenolic Antioxidants: A Review
Sivam, Anusooya S. / Sun‐Waterhouse, Dongxiao / Quek, SiewYoung / Perera, Conrad O. | 2010
Antioxidant Enrichment and Antimicrobial Protection of Fresh‐Cut Fruits Using Their Own Byproducts: Looking for Integral Exploitation
Ayala‐Zavala, J.F. / Rosas‐Domínguez, C. / Vega‐Vega, V. / González‐Aguilar, G.A. | 2010
Headspace Volatiles along with Other Instrumental and Sensory Analyses as Indices of Maturation of Horse Mackerel Miso
Giri, Anupam / Okamoto, Akira / Okazaki, Emiko / Ohshima, Toshiaki | 2010
Effect of Antifungal Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose‐Lipid Edible Composite Coatings on Penicillium Decay Development and Postharvest Quality of Cold‐Stored “Ortanique” Mandarins
Valencia‐Chamorro, Silvia A. / Pérez‐Gago, María B. / Del Río, Miguel A. / Palou, Lluís | 2010
Impacts of Glutathione Maillard Reaction Products on Sensory Characteristics and Consumer Acceptability of Beef Soup
Hong, J.H. / Jung, D.W. / Kim, Y.S. / Lee, S.M. / Kim, K.O. | 2010
Acids in Combination with Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate Caused Quality Deterioration of Fresh‐Cut Iceberg Lettuce during Storage in Modified Atmosphere Package
Guan, Wenqiang / Huang, Lihan / Fan, Xuetong | 2010
Odor Active Compounds Content in Spices and Their Microencapsulated Powders Measured by SPME
Wojtowicz, Elżbieta / Zawirska‐Wojtasiak, Renata / Adamiec, Janusz / Wąsowicz, Erwin / Przygoński, Krzysztof / Remiszewski, Marian | 2010
Carotenoid Composition and Vitamin A Value in Ají (Capsicum baccatum L.) and Rocoto (C. pubescens R. & P.), 2 Pepper Species from the Andean Region
Rodríguez‐Burruezo, Adrián / González‐Mas, Maria del Carmen / Nuez, Fernando | 2010
Detection of Target Staphylococcal Enterotoxin B Antigen in Orange Juice and Popular Carbonated Beverages Using Antibody‐Dependent Antigen‐Capture Assays
Principato, MaryAnn / Njoroge, Joyce M. / Perlloni, Andrei / Donnell, Michael O’ / Boyle, Thomas / Jones, Jr, Robert L. | 2010
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