Is “Thank You” Ever Enough? (Englisch)

In: Journal of Food Science   ;  76 ,  9  ;  vii  ;  2011

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Inhaltsverzeichnis – Band 76, Ausgabe 9

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Comparative GC/MS Analysis of Essential Oils Extracted by 3 Methods from the Bud of Citrus aurantium L. var. amara Engl
Jiang, Ming‐Hua / Yang, Li / Zhu, Liang / Piao, Jin‐Hua / Jiang, Jian‐Guo | 2011
Structural Characterization of the Exopolysaccharide Produced by Streptococcus thermophilus 05‐34 and Its In Situ Application in Yogurt
Qin, Q.Q. / Xia, B.S. / Xiong, Y. / Zhang, S.X. / Luo, Y.B. / Hao, Y.L. | 2011
Changes of Polyphenols, Sugars, and Organic Acid in 5 Vitis Genotypes during Berry Ripening
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Antioxidant Activity of Medicinal Plant Extracts in Cookies
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Evaluation of the Free Radical Scavenging Activity of Cynomorium songaricum Rupr. by a Novel DPPH‐HPLC Method
Liu, Yewei / Li, Hongbing / Wang, Xiaofei / Zhang, Gexiang / Wang, Yu / Di, Duolong | 2011
Characterization of a 12 kDa Thermal‐Stable Antigenic Protein in Bovine Blood
Ofori, Jack Appiah / Hsieh, Yun‐Hwa Peggy | 2011
Antioxidant Capacity of Different Fractions of Vegetables and Correlation with the Contents of Ascorbic Acid, Phenolics, and Flavonoids
Ji, Linlin / Wu, Jianquan / Gao, Weina / Wei, Jingyu / Yang, Jijun / Guo, Changjiang | 2011
Central Composite Design for the Optimization of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Fluid Extraction of Fatty Acids from Borago Officinalis L. Flower
Ramandi, Negin Fasih / Najafi, Nahid Mashkouri / Raofie, Farhad / Ghasemi, Ensieh | 2011
Response Surface Methodology for Meat‐Like Odorants from the Maillard Reaction with Glutathione II: The Tendencies Analysis of Meat‐Like Donors
Yang, C. / Song, H.L. / Chen, F. / Zou, T.T. | 2011
Effect of Sourdough on Quality and Acceptability of Wheat Flour Tortillas
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Turmeric Powder and Starch: Selected Physical, Physicochemical, and Microstructural Properties
Kuttigounder, Dhanalakshmi / Lingamallu, Jaganmohan Rao / Bhattacharya, Suvendu | 2011
In vitro Antioxidant Activity of Different Cultivars of Banana Flower (Musa paradicicus L.) Extracts Available in India
China, Ratna / Dutta, Sanjukta / Sen, Sauradip / Chakrabarti, Rajarshi / Bhowmik, Debajit / Ghosh, Santinath / Dhar, Pubali | 2011
Flour Mill Stream Blending Affects Sugar Snap Cookie and Japanese Sponge Cake Quality and Oxidative Cross‐Linking Potential of Soft White Wheat
Ramseyer, Daniel D. / Bettge, Arthur D. / Morris, Craig F. | 2011
Effect of Co‐Inoculation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Lactobacillus fermentum on the Quality of the Distilled Sugar Cane Beverage Cachaça
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Change of Volatile Compounds in Fresh Fish Meat during Ice Storage
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Determination of Volatile Compounds in Apple Pomace by Stir Bar Sorptive Extraction and Gas Chromatography‐Mass Spectrometry (SBSE‐GC‐MS)
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A Colored Avocado Seed Extract as a Potential Natural Colorant
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Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Properties of Polyphenolic Fractions from Selected Moroccan Red Wines
Tenore, Gian Carlo / Basile, Adriana / Novellino, Ettore | 2011
Soybean (Glycine max) Oil Bodies and Their Associated Phytochemicals
Fisk, Ian D. / Gray, David A. | 2011
Assessment of Some Australian Red Wines for Price, Phenolic Content, Antioxidant Activity, and Vintage in Relation to Functional Food Prospects
Yoo, Yung J. / Prenzler, Paul D. / Saliba, Anthony J. / Ryan, Danielle | 2011
Evaluation of Selected Quality Parameters to Monitor Essential Oil Alteration during Storage
Turek, Claudia / Stintzing, Florian C. | 2011
Whey Protein Film with Oxygen Scavenging Function by Incorporation of Ascorbic Acid
Janjarasskul, Theeranun / Tananuwong, Kanitha / Krochta, John M. | 2011
Rheology of Milk Foams Produced by Steam Injection
Jimenez‐Junca, Carlos A. / Gumy, Jean C. / Sher, Alexander / Niranjan, Keshavan | 2011
A Microwave and Ohmic Combination Heater for Uniform Heating of Liquid–Particle Food Mixtures
Choi, Won / Nguyen, Loc T. / Lee, Seung Hyun / Jun, Soojin | 2011
Polyethylene Glycol Grafted Polyethylene: A Versatile Platform for Nonmigratory Active Packaging Applications
Barish, Jeffrey A. / Goddard, Julie M. | 2011
Two Unsaturated Fatty Acids with Potent α‐Glucosidase Inhibitory Activity Purified from the Body Wall of Sea Cucumber (Stichopus japonicus)
Nguyen, The Han / Um, Byung Hun / Kim, Sang Moo | 2011
High Pressure Homogenization Increases the In Vitro Bioaccessibility of α‐ and β‐Carotene in Carrot Emulsions But Not of Lycopene in Tomato Emulsions
Svelander, Cecilia A. / Lopez‐Sanchez, Patricia / Pudney, Paul D.A. / Schumm, Stephan / Alminger, Marie A.G. | 2011
Essential Oil of Curcuma longa Inhibits Streptococcus mutans Biofilm Formation
Lee, Kwang‐Hee / Kim, Beom‐Su / Keum, Ki‐Suk / Yu, Hyeon‐Hee / Kim, Young‐Hoi / Chang, Byoung‐Soo / Ra, Ji‐Young / Moon, Hae‐Dalma / Seo, Bo‐Ra / Choi, Na‐Young et al. | 2011
Annual Reviewer Index: Volume 76
| 2011
Optimization of Culture Condition for ACEI and GABA Production by Lactic Acid Bacteria
Tung, Yi‐Ting / Lee, Bao‐Hong / Liu, Chin‐Feng / Pan, Tzu‐Ming | 2011
Survival, Acid and Bile Tolerance, and Surface Hydrophobicity of Microencapsulated B. animalis ssp. lactis Bb12 during Storage at Room Temperature
Dianawati, Dianawati / Shah, Nagendra P. | 2011
Inhibition of Listeria monocytogenes by Exposure to a Combination of Nisin and Cold‐Pressed Terpeneless Valencia Oil
Shannon, Erin M. / Milillo, Sara R. / Johnson, Michael G. / Ricke, Steven C. | 2011
In situ Inhibition of Escherichia coli Isolated from Fresh Pork Sausage by Organic Acids
Dias, Francesca Silva / da Silva Ávila, Carla Luiza / Schwan, Rosane Freitas | 2011
Rapid Detection of Listeria monocytogenes in Raw Milk with Loop‐Mediated Isothermal Amplification and Chemosensor
Wang, Deguo / Zhang, Gaiping / Lu, Chengping / Deng, Ruiguang / Zhi, Aimin / Guo, Junqing / Zhao, Dong / Xu, Zhihong | 2011
Survival of Salmonella Serovars Introduced as a Post‐Aging Contaminant during Storage of Low‐Salt Cheddar Cheese at 4, 10, and 21 °C
Shrestha, Subash / Grieder, James A. / McMahon, Donald J. / Nummer, Brian A. | 2011
All 4 Bile Salt Hydrolase Proteins Are Responsible for the Hydrolysis Activity in Lactobacillus plantarum ST‐III
Ren, Jing / Sun, Kejie / Wu, Zhengjun / Yao, Jing / Guo, Benheng | 2011
Improved Determination of d‐Glucosamine Hydrochloride in Health Foods by HPLC Using 7‐Fluoro‐4‐Nitrobenzo‐2‐Oxa‐l,3‐Diazole as a Derivative
Su, Guanmin / Wang, Xifeng / Chi, Defeng / Li, Lin / Shao, Lihua | 2011
Defining the Public Health Threat of Food Fraud
Spink, John / Moyer, Douglas C. | 2011
Essential Oils and Their Principal Constituents as Antimicrobial Agents for Synthetic Packaging Films
Kuorwel, Kuorwel K. / Cran, Marlene J. / Sonneveld, Kees / Miltz, Joseph / Bigger, Stephen W. | 2011
Chemical Quality of Bottled Waters: A Review
Diduch, Malwina / Polkowska, Żaneta / Namieśnik, Jacek | 2011
Nutrition‐Based Health: Cell‐Based Bioassays for Food Antioxidant Activity Evaluation
Cheli, Federica / Baldi, Antonella | 2011
Changes in Textural Properties of Japanese Tenobe Somen Noodles during Storage
Katagiri, Mina / Masuda, Tetsuya / Tani, Fumito / Kitabatake, Naofumi | 2011
Improving Functionality of Whole Egg Powder by the Addition of Gelatine, Lactose, and Pullulan
Koç, Mehmet / Koç, Banu / Susyal, Gonca / Yilmazer, Melike Sakin / Bağdatlıoğlu, Neriman / Kaymak‐Ertekin, Figen | 2011
Consumer Acceptance of Ginseng Food Products
Chung, Hee Sook / Lee, Young‐Chul / Kyung Rhee, Young / Lee, Soo‐Yeun | 2011
Study on Classification of Soy Sauce by Electronic Tongue Technique Combined with Artificial Neural Network
Ou‐Yang, Qin / Zhao, Jie‐Wen / Chen, Quan‐Sheng / Lin, Hao / Huang, Xing‐Yi | 2011
Using Antibrowning Agents to Enhance Quality and Safety of Fresh‐Cut Avocado Treated with Intense Light Pulses
Ramos‐Villarroel, Ana Y. / Martín‐Belloso, Olga / Soliva‐Fortuny, Robert | 2011
Impact of Pre‐Selected Autochthonous Starter Cultures on the Flavor Quality of Iberian Dry‐Fermented “Salchichón” Sausage with Different Ripening Processes
Casquete, Rocío / Martín, Alberto / Benito, María José / Ruiz‐Moyano, Santiago / Nevado, Francisco Pérez / Córdoba, María de Guía | 2011
Sweetness Concentration‐Response Behavior of Rebiana at Room and Refrigerator Temperatures
Fry, John C. / Yurttas, Nese / Biermann, Kari L. | 2011
Ameliorative Effect of Grewia tenax (Forssk) Fiori Fruit Extract on CCl4–Induced Oxidative Stress and Hepatotoxicity in Rats
Al‐Said, Mansour S. / Mothana, Ramzi A. / Al‐Sohaibani, Mohammed O. / Rafatullah, Syed | 2011
Comparative Study of the Hepatoprotective Efficacy of Artemisia iwayomogi and Artemisia capillaris on Ethanol‐Administered Mice
Lee, Hae‐In / Seo, Kyung‐Ok / Yun, Kyeong Won / Kim, Myung‐Joo / Lee, Mi‐Kyung | 2011
Isolation of 3 Flavonoids from Mentha longifolia (L.) Hudson subsp. longifolia and Determination of Their Genotoxic Potentials by Using the E. coli WP2 Test System
Baris, Ozlem / Karadayi, Mehmet / Yanmis, Derya / Guvenalp, Zuhal / Bal, Tugba / Gulluce, Medine | 2011
Sandwich Enzyme‐Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) for Detection of Cashew Nut in Foods
Gaskin, Ferdelie E. / Taylor, Steve L. | 2011
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Is “Thank You” Ever Enough?
Lund, Daryl | 2011
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