Editorial: Losing a Friend and Major Contributor to JFS; 2011 Overview (Englisch)

In: Journal of Food Science   ;  77 ,  1  ;  vii  ;  2012

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Characterization and Preparation of Aspergillus niger Naringinase for Debittering Citrus Juice
Ni, Hui / Chen, Feng / Cai, Huinong / Xiao, Anfeng / You, Qi / Lu, Yunzhen | 2012
Phenolics Composition and Antioxidant Activity of Wine Produced from Spine Grape (Vitis davidii Foex) and Cherokee Rose (Rosa laevigata Michx.) Fruits from South China
Meng, Jiangfei / Fang, Yulin / Gao, Jinshan / Qiao, Lingling / Zhang, Ang / Guo, Zhijun / Qin, Minyang / Huang, Jizhuang / Hu, Ying / Zhuang, Xifu | 2012
Analysis of Protein Fractions and Some Minerals Present in Chan (Hyptis suaveolens L.) Seeds
Aguirre, Cesar / Torres, Iovanna / Mendoza‐Hernández, Guillermo / Garcia‐Gasca, Teresa / Blanco‐Labra, Alejandro | 2012
Hydrolysis of Whey Protein Isolate Using Subcritical Water
Espinoza, Ashley D. / Morawicki, Rubén O. / Hager, Tiffany | 2012
The Effects of Different Chilling Methods on Meat Quality and Calpain Activity of Pork Muscle Longissimus Dorsi
Xu, Yang / Huang, Ji‐Chao / Huang, Ming / Xu, Bao‐Cai / Zhou, Guang‐Hong | 2012
Inhibition of Ostwald Ripening in Model Beverage Emulsions by Addition of Poorly Water Soluble Triglyceride Oils
Julian McClements, David / Henson, Lulu / Popplewell, L. Michael / Decker, Eric Andrew / Jun Choi, Seung | 2012
Studies of Reaction Variables for Lipase‐Catalyzed Production of Alpha‐Linolenic Acid Enriched Structured Lipid and Oxidative Stability with Antioxidants
Mitra, Kanika / Shin, Jung‐Ah / Lee, Jeung‐Hee / Kim, Seong‐Ai / Hong, Soon‐Taek / Sung, Chang‐Keun / Lian Xue, Cheng / Lee, Ki‐Teak | 2012
Optimization of Microwave‐Assisted Extraction of Anthocyanins from Mulberry and Identification of Anthocyanins in Extract Using HPLC‐ESI‐MS
Zou, Tangbin / Wang, Dongliang / Guo, Honghui / Zhu, Yanna / Luo, Xiaoqin / Liu, Fengqiong / Ling, Wenhua | 2012
Analysis of Factors Affecting Volatile Compound Formation in Roasted Pumpkin Seeds with Selected Ion Flow Tube‐Mass Spectrometry (SIFT‐MS) and Sensory Analysis
Bowman, T. / Barringer, S. | 2012
Characterization of the Volatility of Flavor Compounds in Alcoholic Beverages through Headspace Solid‐Phase Microextraction (HS‐SPME) and Mathematical Modeling
Khio, Shuh‐Wen / Cheong, Mun‐Wai / Zhou, Weibiao / Curran, Philip / Yu, Bin | 2012
Volatile Compounds Formation in Alcoholic Fermentation from Grapes Collected at 2 Maturation Stages: Influence of Nitrogen Compounds and Grape Variety
Martínez‐Gil, Ana M. / Garde‐Cerdán, Teresa / Lorenzo, Cándida / Félix Lara, José / Pardo, Francisco / Rosario Salinas, M. | 2012
Reutilization of Mango Byproducts: Study of the Effect of Extraction Solvent and Temperature on Their Antioxidant Properties
Dorta, Eva / Lobo, M. Gloria / Gonzalez, Monica | 2012
Exploring the Milk‐Clotting Properties of a Plant Coagulant from the Berries of S. elaeagnifolium var. Cavanilles
Néstor, Gutiérrez‐Méndez / Dely Rubí, Chávez‐Garay / Héctor, Jiménez‐Campos | 2012
Quality, Antioxidative Ability, and Cell Proliferation‐Enhancing Activity of Fermented Black Soybean Broths with Various Supplemental Culture Medium
Lin, Chih‐Chien / Wu, Pey‐Shiuan / Woei‐Ming Liang, David / Kwan, Chang‐Chin / Chen, Yi‐Shyan | 2012
A New Potassium Tetrabromoaurate (III)–Luminol Chemiluminescence System for the Determination of Folic Acid in Milk Powder
Zhao, Shihao / Zhang, Pingping / Liang, Xiaohui / Hua, Dongliang / Ma, Tongsuo / Pei, Guanglu | 2012
Effect of Storage Conditions on Lipid Components and Color of Mugil cephalus Processed Roes
Rosa, Antonella / Scano, Paola / Atzeri, Angela / Deiana, Monica / Mereu, Simone / Dessì, M. Assunta | 2012
Total Phenols and Antioxidant Capacity in 10 Moroccan Pomegranate Varieties
Legua, Pilar / Melgarejo, Pablo / Abdelmajid, Haddioui / Martínez, Juan José / Martínez, Rafael / Ilham, Hmid / Hafida, Hanine / Hernández, Francisca | 2012
Quality Parameters and Antioxidant and Antibacterial Properties of Some Mexican Honeys
Rodríguez, Beatriz A. / Mendoza, Sandra / Iturriga, Montserrat H. / Castaño‐Tostado, Eduardo | 2012
Modification of Isoflavone Profiles in a Fermented Soy Food with Almond Powder
Park, MinHee / Jeong, Min Kyu / Kim, MiJa / Lee, JaeHwan | 2012
Characterization of Monofloral Honeys with Multivariate Analysis of Their Chemical Profile and Antioxidant Activity
Sant’Ana, Luiza D’O. / Sousa, Juliana P. L. M. / Salgueiro, Fernanda B. / Lorenzon, Maria Cristina Affonso / Castro, Rosane N. | 2012
Comparison of Chemical Composition and Antioxidant Capacity of Commercially Available Blueberry and Blackberry Wines in Illinois
Johnson, Michelle H. / Gonzalez de Mejia, Elvira | 2012
Beneficial Effects of Polyethylene Packages Containing Micrometer‐Sized Silver Particles on the Quality and Shelf Life of Dried Barberry (Berberis vulgaris)
Valipoor Motlagh, N. / Hamed Mosavian, M.T. / Mortazavi, S.A. / Tamizi, A. | 2012
Feasibility of Using Dialysis for Determining Calcium Ion Concentration and pH in Calcium‐Fortified Soymilk at High Temperature
Pathomrungsiyounggul, P. / Grandison, A.S. / Lewis, M. | 2012
Evaporation Front Compared with Crust Thickness in Potato Deep‐Fat Frying
Lioumbas, John S. / Karapantsios, Thodoris D. | 2012
Confectionery Coating with an Electrohydrodynamic (EHD) System
Marthina, Kumala / Barringer, Sheryl A. | 2012
Provenance of the Oil in Par‐Fried French Fries after Finish Frying
Al‐Khusaibi, Mohammed / Gordon, Michael H. / Lovegrove, Julie A. / Niranjan, Keshavan | 2012
Influence of Nutritional Knowledge on the Use and Interpretation of Spanish Nutritional Food Labels
Carrillo, E. / Varela, P. / Fiszman, S. | 2012
Antioxidant, Antimicrobial, 15‐LOX, and AGEs Inhibitions by Pineapple Stem Waste
Upadhyay, Atul / Chompoo, Jamnian / Araki, Nobuharu / Tawata, Shinkichi | 2012
Structural and Antioxidant Modification of Wheat Peptides Modified by the Heat and Lipid Peroxidation Product Malondialdehyde
Tang, Xue / Wu, Qiuping / Le, Guowei / Wang, Jiao / Yin, Kaijian / Shi, Yonghui | 2012
Heat and pH Stability of Alkali‐Extractable Corn Arabinoxylan and Its Xylanase‐Hydrolyzate and Their Viscosity Behavior
Rumpagaporn, Pinthip / Kaur, Amandeep / Campanella, Osvaldo H. / Patterson, John A. / Hamaker, Bruce R. | 2012
The Association between Perceived Sweetness Intensity and Dietary Intake in Young Adults
Cicerale, Sara / Riddell, Lynnette J. / Keast, Russell S.J. | 2012
Tagatose Stability in Milk and Diet Lemonade
Bell, Leonard N. / Luecke, Katherine J. | 2012
Comparative Study on the Antioxidant Capacity and Cholinesterase Inhibitory Activity of Citrus aurantifolia Swingle, C. aurantium L., and C. bergamia Risso and Poit. Peel Essential Oils
Tundis, Rosa / Loizzo, Monica Rosa / Bonesi, Marco / Menichini, Federica / Mastellone, Vincenzo / Colica, Carmela / Menichini, Francesco | 2012
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| 2012
Response to Dr. Archer's Letter to the Editor
Friedman, Mendel / Rasooly, Reuven | 2012
Letter to the Editor: Inactivating SEA
Archer, Douglas L. | 2012
Effect of Antioxidant Activity and Functional Properties of Chingshey Purple Sweet Potato Fermented Milk by Lactobacillus acidophilus, L. delbrueckii subsp. lactis, and L. gasseri Strains
Wu, Tsung‐Yen / Tsai, Cheng‐Chih / Hwang, Yi‐Ting / Chiu, Tsai‐Hsin | 2012
Antagonistic Activities of Lactobacilli against Helicobacter pylori Growth and Infection in Human Gastric Epithelial Cells
Chen, Xiaohua / Liu, Xiao‐ming / Tian, Fengwei / Zhang, Qiuxiang / Zhang, He‐ping / Zhang, Hao / Chen, Wei | 2012
Growth Inhibition of Foodborne Pathogens by Oenococcus oeni
Chiang, I‐Yuan / Worobo, Randy W. / Churey, John J. / Henick‐Kling, Thomas | 2012
Aggregation and Hydrophobicity Properties of 6 Dairy Propionibacteria Strains Isolated from Homemade Turkish Cheeses
Darilmaz, D.O. / Beyatli, Y. / Yuksekdag, Z.N. | 2012
Effects of Copper on the Post Acidification of Fermented Milk by St. thermophilus
Han, Xue / Zhang, Lanwei / Du, Ming / Yi, Huaxi / Li, Jingyan / Zhang, Lili | 2012
Escherichia coli O157:H7 Facilitates the Penetration of Staphylococcus aureus into Table Eggs
Al‐Natour, Mohammad Q. / Alaboudi, Akram R. / Al‐Hatamelh, Nashat A. / Osaili, Tareq M. | 2012
Effects of Slightly Acidic Low Concentration Electrolyzed Water on Microbiological, Physicochemical, and Sensory Quality of Fresh Chicken Breast Meat
Rahman, S.M.E. / Park, Jiyong / Song, Kyung Bin / Al‐Harbi, Naif A. / Oh, Deog‐Hwan | 2012
Impact of Storage Time and Temperature on Thermal Inactivation of Salmonella Enteritidis PT 30 on Oil‐Roasted Almonds
Abd, Shirin J. / McCarthy, Kathryn L. / Harris, Linda J. | 2012
Survival and Growth of Foodborne Pathogens in Minimally Processed Vegetables at 4 and 15 °C
Tian, Jun‐Qi / Bae, Young‐Min / Choi, Na‐Young / Kang, Dong‐Hyun / Heu, Sunggi / Lee, Sun‐Young | 2012
Inhibitory Effects of Nisin Against Clostridium perfringens Food Poisoning and Nonfood‐Borne Isolates
Udompijitkul, Pathima / Paredes‐Sabja, Daniel / Sarker, Mahfuzur R. | 2012
Effect of Packaging and Storage Time on Survival of Listeria monocytogenes on Kippered Beef Steak and Turkey Tenders
Uppal, Kamaldeep K. / Getty, Kelly J.K. / Boyle, Elizabeth A.E. / Harper, Nigel M. / Lobaton‐Sulabo, April Shayne S. / Barry, Bruce | 2012
Inhibitory Effects of UV Treatment and a Combination of UV and Dry Heat against Pathogens on Stainless Steel and Polypropylene Surfaces
Bae, Young‐Min / Lee, Sun‐Young | 2012
Evaluation of Overhead Spray‐Applied Sanitizers for the Reduction of Salmonella on Tomato Surfaces
Chang, Alexandra S. / Schneider, Keith R. | 2012
Use of Autochthonous Pediococcus acidilactici and Staphylococcus vitulus Starter Cultures in the Production of “Chorizo” in 2 Different Traditional Industries
Casquete, Rocío / Benito, María J. / Martín, Alberto / Ruiz‐Moyano, Santiago / Aranda, Emilio / Córdoba, María G. | 2012
Rice Hull Smoke Extract Inactivates Salmonella Typhimurium in Laboratory Media and Protects Infected Mice against Mortality
Kim, Sung Phil / Kang, Mi Young / Park, Jun Cheol / Nam, Seok Hyun / Friedman, Mendel | 2012
Monitoring Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation Inactivation of Cronobacter sakazakii in Dry Infant Formula Using Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy
Liu, Qian / Lu, Xiaonan / Swanson, Barry G. / Rasco, Barbara A. / Kang, Dong‐Hyun | 2012
Ultrastructural Analysis of Buckwheat Starch Components Using Atomic Force Microscopy
Neethirajan, Suresh / Tsukamoto, Kazumi / Kanahara, Hiroko / Sugiyama, Shigeru | 2012
Characterization of Ergocalciferol Loaded Solid Lipid Nanoparticles
Patel, Mandar R. / San Martin‐Gonzalez, M. Fernanda | 2012
Formation Risk of Toxic and Other Unwanted Compounds in Pressure‐Assisted Thermally Processed Foods
Segovia Bravo, K. / Ramírez, R. / Durst, R. / Escobedo‐Avellaneda, Z.J. / Welti‐Chanes, J. / Sanz, P.D. / Torres, J.A. | 2012
Food Protein‐Derived Bioactive Peptides: Production, Processing, and Potential Health Benefits
Udenigwe, Chibuike C. / Aluko, Rotimi E. | 2012
Production Technologies for Reduced Alcoholic Wines
Schmidtke, Leigh M. / Blackman, John W. / Agboola, Samson O. | 2012
Analytical Methods for Gelatin Differentiation from Bovine and Porcine Origins and Food Products
Nhari, Raja Mohd Hafidz Raja / Ismail, Amin / Che Man, Yaakob B. | 2012
On Quantifying Nonthermal Effects on the Lethality of Pressure‐Assisted Heat Preservation Processes
Peleg, Micha / Corradini, Maria G. / Normand, Mark D. | 2012
Mechanisms of Objectionable Textural Changes by Microwave Reheating of Foods: A Review
Mizrahi, Shimon | 2012
A Study of the Randomly Fluctuating Microbial Counts in Foods and Water Using the Expanded Fermi Solution as a Model
Peleg, Micha / Normand, Mark D. / Corradini, Maria G. | 2012
Effect of an Oxygen Scavenger on the Stability of Preservative‐Free Flour Tortillas
Antunez, Priscilla D. / Botero Omary, María / Rosentrater, Kurt A. / Pascall, Melvin / Winstone, Lauren | 2012
Color, Lipid Oxidation, Sensory Quality, and Aroma Compounds of Beef Steaks Displayed under Different Levels of Oxygen in a Modified Atmosphere Package
Resconi, Virginia Celia / Escudero, Ana / Beltrán, José Antonio / Olleta, José Luis / Sañudo, Carlos / Mar Campo, María del | 2012
Effects of Cooking Temperatures on the Physicochemical Properties and Consumer Acceptance of Chicken Stock
Krasnow, Mark / Bunch, Tucker / Shoemaker, Charles / Loss, Christopher R. | 2012
Sensory Acceptance and Survival of Probiotic Bacteria in Ice Cream Produced with Different Overrun Levels
Ferraz, Juliana L. / Cruz, Adriano G. / Cadena, Rafael S. / Freitas, Monica Q. / Pinto, Uelinton M. / Carvalho, Celio C. / Faria, Jose A.F. / Bolini, Helena M.A. | 2012
Assessment of the Long‐Term Stability of Retort Pouch Foods to Support Extended Duration Spaceflight
Catauro, Patricia M. / Perchonok, Michele H. | 2012
Sensory Characteristics and Consumer Acceptance and Purchase Intention Toward Fresh‐Cut Potatoes
Montouto‐Graña, Mónica / Cabanas‐Arias, Sonia / Porto‐Fojo, Silvia / Vázquez‐Odériz, Ma Lourdes / Romero‐Rodríguez, Ma Angeles | 2012
Effects of Medium‐Voltage Electrical Stimulation on Postmortem Changes in Fat‐Tailed Sheep
Abbasvali, Maryam / Shahram Shekarforoush, Seyed / Aminlari, Mahmoud / Ebrahimnejad, Hadi | 2012
Varying the Temperature of the Liquid Used for High‐Pressure Processing of Prerigor Pork: Effects on Fresh Pork Quality, Myofibrillar Protein Solubility, and Frankfurter Textural Properties
Souza, C.M. / Boler, D.D. / Clark, D.L. / Kutzler, L.W. / Holmer, S.F. / Summerfield, J.W. / Cannon, J.E. / Smit, N.R. / McKeith, F.K. / Killefer, J. | 2012
Effect of Flax Addition on the Flavor Profile and Acceptability of Bagels
Aliani, Michel / Ryland, Donna / Pierce, Grant N. | 2012
Development of Soy‐Based Bread with Acceptable Sensory Properties
Ivanovski, B. / Seetharaman, K. / Duizer, L.M. | 2012
Effect of Sexual Maturation on Thermal Stability, Viscoelastic Properties, and Texture of Female Rainbow Trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss, Fillets
Aussanasuwannakul, Aunchalee / Weber, Greg M. / Salem, Mohamed / Yao, Jianbo / Slider, Susan / Manor, Meghan L. / Brett Kenney, P. | 2012
The Effect of Crowding Stress on Bacterial Growth and Sensory Properties of Chilled Atlantic Salmon Fillets
Ådland Hansen, Anlaug / Rødbotten, Marit / Eie, Thomas / Lea, Per / Rudi, Knut / Mørkøre, Turid | 2012
Physicochemical Properties and Sensory Analysis of Duck Meatballs Containing Duck Meat Surimi‐Like Material during Frozen Storage
Nurkhoeriyati, T. / Huda, N. / Ahmad, R. | 2012
Safety Evaluation of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extract of Aloe Vera Gel
Tanaka, Miyuki / Yamada, Muneo / Toida, Tomohiro / Iwatsuki, Keiji | 2012
As (V) Biosorption in an Aqueous Solution Using Chemically Treated Lemon (Citrus aurantifolia Swingle) Residues
Marín‐Rangel, Vania Marilyn / Cortés‐Martínez, Raúl / Cuevas Villanueva, Ruth Alfaro / Garnica‐Romo, Ma. Guadalupe / Martínez‐Flores, Héctor Eduardo | 2012
Arsenic Contents in Spanish Infant Rice, Pureed Infant Foods, and Rice
Burló, Francisco / Ramírez‐Gandolfo, Amanda / Signes‐Pastor, Antonio J. / Haris, Parvez I. / Carbonell‐Barrachina, Ángel A. | 2012
Antioxidant, Antimicrobial, and Anticancer Activity of 3 Umbilicaria Species
Kosanić, Marijana / Ranković, Branislav / Stanojković, Tatjana | 2012
Dietary Intake of Cadmium from Bangladeshi Foods
Al‐Rmalli, S.W. / Jenkins, R.O. / Haris, P.I. | 2012
Optimization and Validation of an Extraction Method for the Analysis of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Chocolate Candies
Kumari, Rupender / Chaturvedi, Prashant / Ansari, Nasreen G. / Murthy, Ramesh C. / Patel, Devendra K. | 2012
Determination of Trace Nickel in Hydrogenated Cottonseed Oil by Electrothermal Atomic Absorption Spectrometry after Microwave‐Assisted Digestion
Zhang, Gai | 2012
Industrial Applications of Selected JFS Articles
| 2012
Editorial: Losing a Friend and Major Contributor to JFS; 2011 Overview
Lund, Daryl | 2012
In Memoriam: David B. Min
| 2012
Comments on Dr. Friedman's Response
Archer, Douglas L. | 2012
Response Dr. Archer's Comments
Friedman, Mendel / Rasooly, Reuven | 2012
Letter to the Editor: On the Effects of Anticaking Agents on Vitamin C Physical and Chemical Stability
Peleg, Micha | 2012
Response to Dr. Peleg's Letter to the Editor
Lipasek, Rebecca / Taylor, Lynne / Mauer, Lisa | 2012
| 2012
| 2012