Ethics in Publishing: What Are Some of the Concerns? (Englisch)

In: Journal of Food Science   ;  77 ,  3  ;  v  ;  2012

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Rapid Discrimination and Characterization of Vanilla Bean Extracts by Attenuated Total Reflection Infrared Spectroscopy and Selected Ion Flow Tube Mass Spectrometry
Sharp, Michael D. / Kocaoglu‐Vurma, Nurdan A. / Langford, Vaughan / Rodriguez‐Saona, Luis E. / Harper, W. James | 2012
Purification of a Novel Pepsin Inhibitor from Coriolus versicolor and its Biochemical Properties
Zhang, Guo‐Qiang / Zhang, Qiu‐Ping / Sun, Ying / Tian, Ya‐Ping / Zhou, Nan‐Di | 2012
Irreversible Sediment Formation in Green Tea Infusions
Xu, Yong‐Quan / Chen, Gen‐Sheng / Wang, Qiu‐Shuang / Yuan, Hai‐Bo / Feng, Chun‐Hong / Yin, Jun‐Feng | 2012
Black Rice Bran as an Ingredient in Noodles: Chemical and Functional Evaluation
Kong, Suhyun / Kim, Dae‐Jung / Oh, Sea‐Kwan / Choi, Im‐Soo / Jeong, Heon‐Sang / Lee, Junsoo | 2012
Physical and Chemical Stability of Tagatose Powder
Grant, Lenese D. / Bell, Leonard N. | 2012
Effects of L‐Ascorbic Acid on Physicochemical Characteristics of Wheat Starch
Majzoobi, Mahsa / Radi, Mohsen / Farahnaky, Asgar / Tongdang, Tawee | 2012
Assessment of the Validity of Maturity Metrics for Predicting the Volatile Composition of Concord Grape Juice
Iyer, Meera M. / Sacks, Gavin L. / Padilla‐Zakour, Olga I. | 2012
Effect of the Type of Oil on the Evolution of Volatile Compounds of Taralli During Storage
Giarnetti, Mariagrazia / Caponio, Francesco / Paradiso, Vito M / Summo, Carmine / Gomes, Tommaso | 2012
Effect of Cocoa Butter Structure on Oil Migration
Maleky, Fatemeh / McCarthy, Kathryn L. / McCarthy, Michael J. / Marangoni, Alejandro G. | 2012
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| 2012
Industrial Applications of Selected JFS Articles
| 2012
Effect of Amino Acids on Red Pigments and Citrinin Production in Monascus ruber
Hajjaj, Hassan / François, Jean‐Marie / Goma, Gérard / Blanc, Philippe J. | 2012
Temporal Variation of Microbiological and Chemical Quality of Noncarbonated Bottled Drinking Water Sold in Sri Lanka
Herath, A.T. / Abayasekara, C.L. / Chandrajith, Rohana / Adikaram, N.K.B. | 2012
Enhanced Antimicrobial Activity of Nisin‐Loaded Liposomal Nanoparticles against Foodborne Pathogens
Zou, Yunyun / Lee, Hyeon‐Yong / Seo, Yong‐Chang / Ahn, Juhee | 2012
Cold Plasma Reduction of Salmonella and Escherichia coli O157:H7 on Almonds Using Ambient Pressure Gases
Niemira, Brendan A. | 2012
Effect of Mannoproteins on the Growth, Gastrointestinal Viability, and Adherence to Caco‐2 Cells of Lactic Acid Bacteria
Ganan, M. / Carrascosa, A.V. / de Pascual‐Teresa, S. / Martinez‐Rodriguez, A.J. | 2012
Determination of Absolute Threshold and Just Noticeable Difference in the Sensory Perception of Pungency
Orellana‐Escobedo, L. / Ornelas‐Paz, J.J. / Olivas, G.I. / Guerrero‐Beltran, J.A. / Jimenez‐Castro, J. / Sepulveda, D.R. | 2012
Mechanisms for Sensing Fat in Food in the Mouth*
Rolls, Edmund T. | 2012
Genetic Influences on Oral Fat Perception and Preference
Keller, Kathleen L. | 2012
Are Free Fatty Acids Effective Taste Stimuli in Humans?
Tucker, Robin M. / Mattes, Richard D. | 2012
Glycoalkaloids (α‐Chaconine and α‐Solanine) Contents of Selected Pakistani Potato Cultivars and Their Dietary Intake Assessment
Aziz, Abdul / Randhawa, Muhammad Atif / Butt, Masood Sadiq / Asghar, Ali / Yasin, Muhammad / Shibamoto, Takayuki | 2012
Ethics in Publishing: What Are Some of the Concerns?
Lund, Daryl | 2012
The Taste for Fat: New Discoveries on the Role of Fat in Sensory Perception, Metabolism, Sensory Pleasure, and Beyond
Tepper, Beverly J | 2012