Cruise Report SO204 PACENPAL, RV SONNE for IFREMER, Papeete April 7th 2010 - Papeete April 13th 2010 (Englisch)

The southern Central Pacific is a very large area for which the paleoclimatology is poorly constrained, because of a lack of sediments. It has been recently called the "South Pacific Bare zone". Around the Austral Islands there are no paleoceanographic records closer than 3000 km. Besides the coral records that cannot be continuous along one climatic cycle, there is no paleoceanographic record of the central Pacific gyre. Seismic and 3.5 Khz profiles of ZEPOLYF2 cruises had revealed few areas of significant sedimentary deposits. Up to now, these sedimentary deposits have not yet been explored and were of unknown composition. The objective of the cruise SO-204 was to retrieve a couple of piston cores and a series of surface sediment in order 1) to characterize the sedimentology of this area and to evaluate the potential of the sediments for paleoceanographic studies. 2) to retrieve sedimentary archives that would fill the huge geographical gap existing in paleoceanographic record in the South Central Pacific zone. The ultimate goals of this study are to estimate the Glacial/Interglacial variability (1) of sea surface temperature (2) of the primary production of the South Pacific Gyre one of the most intense oceanic desert in the globe and (3) of pelagic carbonate production.


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    Cruise Report SO204 PACENPAL, RV SONNE for IFREMER, Papeete April 7th 2010 - Papeete April 13th 2010
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    Centre de Recherche et d'Enseignement de Géosciences de l'Environnement (CNRS CEREGE)
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    Aix en Provence
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    DDC:    550 Earth sciences and geology

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