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  • atomforschung
  • atomic physics
  • atoms

    Impulsive alignment of 4He-CH3I: a theoretical study

    Vindel-Zandbergen, Patricia / Jiang, Ji / Lewerenz, Marius et al. | BASE | 2018
    Schlagwörter: Àtoms, Atoms

    Probing confinement resonances by photoionizing Xe inside a C-60(+) molecular cage

    Hasoglu, M. F. / Phaneuf, R. A. / Kilcoyne, A. L. D. et al. | BASE | 2013
    Schlagwörter: ATOMS

    {[Na1(-H2O)Na2]2[(C2O4)2Cr(-OH)2Cr(C2O4)2]·H2O}n, a novel hydrated form

    Bélombé, Michel M. / Nenwa, Justin / Ngoune, Jean et al. | BASE | 2010
    Schlagwörter: Metallic atoms

    Steric Effects in Reactions of Decamethyltitanocene Hydride with Internal Alkynes, Conjugated Diynes, and Conjugated Dienes

    Pinkas, J. (Jiří) / Gyepes, R. (Robert) / Císařová, I. et al. | BASE | 2014
    Schlagwörter: atoms

    Silicate-mediated interstellar water formation: a theoretical study

    Molpeceres, Germán / Rimola, Albert / Ceccarelli, C. et al. | BASE | 2019
    Schlagwörter: ISM: atoms

    Ligand binding mechanism in steroid receptors; from conserved plasticity to differential evolutionary constraints

    Edman, Karl / Hosseini, Ali / Bjursell, Magnus K. et al. | BASE | 2015
    Schlagwörter: atoms, Àtoms

    The nature of bonding and electronic properties of graphene and benzene with iridium adatoms

    Lazar, P. / Granatier, J. (Jaroslav) / Klimeš, J. et al. | BASE | 2014
    Schlagwörter: transition metal atoms

    Analytical Dirac-Hartree-Fock-Slater screening function for atoms (Z=1-92)

    Salvat Gavaldà, Francesc / Martínez, J. D. / Mayol Sánchez, Ricardo et al. | BASE
    Schlagwörter: Àtoms

    Synthesis of ZSM-5 Zeolites with Defined Distribution of Al Atoms in the Framework and Multinuclear MAS NMR Analysis of the Control of Al Distribution

    Dědeček, J. (Jiří) / Balgová, V. / Pashková, V. (Veronika) et al. | BASE | 2012
    Schlagwörter: single Al atoms

    Complexity Reduction in Large Quantum Systems: Fragment Identification and Population Analysis via a Local Optimized Minimal Basis

    Mohr, Stephan / Masella, Michel / Ratcliff, Laura E. et al. | BASE | 2017
    Schlagwörter: Atoms, Àtoms

    Driving photochemistry by clustering: The ICl-Xe case

    Glodic, P. / Kartakoullis, A. / Fárník, M. (Michal) et al. | BASE | 2012
    Schlagwörter: helium neutral atoms

    Atoms in Molecules, An Other Method For Analyzing Dibenzoylmethane

    S. Heydarian | BASE | 2011
    Schlagwörter: Atoms in molecules

    Determination of depths of multiple traps for interstitials and their influence on diffusion kinetics

    Svoboda, J. (Jiří) / Shan, Y. V. / Kozeschnik, E. et al. | BASE | 2014
    Schlagwörter: foreign atoms

    Upgraded DIRAC spectrometer at CERN PS for the investigation of pi pi and pi K atoms

    Adeva, B. / Benelli, A. / Čechák, T. et al. | BASE | 2016
    Schlagwörter: pi pi and pi K atoms, long-lived excited states of pi pi atoms

    Atomic monolayer deposition on the surface of nanotube mechanical resonators

    Tavernarakis, Alexandros / Chaste, Julien / Eichler, Alexander et al. | BASE | 2014
    Schlagwörter: We study monolayers of noble gas atoms (Xe, Àtoms

    Relation between molecular electronic structure and nuclear spin-induced circular dichroism

    Štěpánek, P. (Petr) / Coriani, S. (Sonia) / Sundholm, D. (Dage) et al. | BASE | 2017
    Schlagwörter: Electronic structure of atoms and molecules

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