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  • industrielle technik
  • ingenieurwesen
  • ingenieurwissenschaft
  • ingenieurwissenschaften
  • technik
  • technikwissenschaften
  • technique
  • technische wissenschaften

Verwendete Synonyme:

  • fur

Verwendete Synonyme:

  • angewandte optik
  • optische technik
  • technische optik

Verwendete Synonyme:

  • gesellschaft

    Mask lithography of 2D fluorescent magneto-photonic microstructures for biomedical and quantum applications

    Perry, Amber / Au, Thi Huong / Trinh, Duc Thien et al. | British Library Conference Proceedings

    Variational autoencoding tissue response to microenvironment perturbation

    Schau, Geoffrey F. / Thibault, Guillaume / Dane, Mark A. et al. | British Library Conference Proceedings

    Fourier decomposition free-breathing 1H MRI perfusion maps in asthma

    Matheson, Alexander M. / Capaldi, Dante P. I. / Guo, Fumin et al. | British Library Conference Proceedings

    Automatic two-chamber segmentation in cardiac CTA using 3D fully convolutional neural networks

    Yang, Yan / Masoud, Osama | British Library Conference Proceedings

    Towards increased trustworthiness of deep learning segmentation methods on cardiac MRI

    Sander, Jörg / de Vos, Bob D. / Wolterink, Jelmer M. et al. | British Library Conference Proceedings

    Automated prostate segmentation of volumetric CT images using 3D deeply supervised dilated FCN

    Wang, Bo / Lei, Yang / Wang, Tonghe et al. | British Library Conference Proceedings

    Framework for the co-registration of MRI and histology images in prostate cancer patients with radical prostatectomy

    Rusu, Mirabela / Kunder, Christian / Fan, Richard et al. | British Library Conference Proceedings

    Automatic detection of small areas of Gleason grade 5 in prostate tissue using CNN

    Tall, Kasper / Arvidsson, Ida / Overgaard, Niels Christian et al. | British Library Conference Proceedings

    Automatic cardiac landmark localization by a recurrent neural network

    van Zon, Mike / Veta, Mitko / Li, Shuo | British Library Conference Proceedings

    Detection of curvilinear objects in biological noisy image using feature-adapted fast slant stack

    Berlemont, S. / Bensimon, A. / Olivo-Marin, J.C. | Tema Archiv | 2007

    Activelets and sparsity: a new way to detect brain activation from fMRI data

    Khalidov, I. / Ville, D. Van De / Fadili, J. et al. | Tema Archiv | 2007

    Artificial intelligence for point of care radiograph quality assessment

    Kashyap, Satyananda / Moradi, Mehdi / Karargyris, Alexandros et al. | British Library Conference Proceedings

    Electrohydrodynamic cell concentration for biofabrication of agar-based 3D microtissues

    Vembadi, Abishek / Menachery, Anoop / Qasaimeh, Mohammad A. | British Library Conference Proceedings

    Investigations on pulse-processing model for diffuser-assisted LITT on prostate cancer

    Truong, Van Gia / Tran, Van Nam / Kang, Hyun Wook | British Library Conference Proceedings

    Detecting thermal phase transitions in corneal stroma by fluorescence micro-imaging analysis

    Matteini, P. / Rossi, F. / Ratto, F. et al. | Tema Archiv | 2008

    Differentiation of polyps by clinical colonoscopy via integrated color information, image derivatives and machine learning

    Wang, Yi / Pomeroy, Marc / Cao, Weiguo et al. | British Library Conference Proceedings

    The NASA smart probe project for real-time multiple-microsensor tissue recognition

    Andrews, R. / Mah, R. / Da Silva, L. | Tema Archiv | 2004

    A polarized light imaging instrument for characterizing skin lesions

    Stockford, I.M. / Morgan, S.P. / Crowe, J.A. et al. | Tema Archiv | 2004

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