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    Design and Implementation of Authentication Server with High Concurrency

    Xiong, Qi / He, Xiao Feng / Tang, Jie | Trans Tech Publications | 2013
    Schlagwörter: High Concurrency

    Key technologies for solving high-concurrency problems in web systems

    Xue, Huili / Shao, Mengliang | IOS Press | 2018
    Schlagwörter: high concurrency

    A virtualization approach to develop middleware for ubiquitous high performance computing

    Chang, Jen-Chieh / Chen, Chia-Jung / Chang, Rong-Guey | Elsevier | 2015
    Schlagwörter: Ubiquitous high performance computing, Concurrency control

    Design and Implementation of Public Bicycle Rental System Service Platform Based on IOCP and JSON

    Chen, Ling Ling / Huang, Jun | Trans Tech Publications | 2014
    Schlagwörter: High Concurrency

    PARAGON: an approach for parallelization of power system contingency analysis using Go programming language

    Khaitan, Siddhartha Kumar / McCalley, James D. | Wiley | 2014
    Schlagwörter: concurrency, high‐performance computing (HPC)

    Designing and Implementation of High Concurrent SSL VPN Server

    Chu, Jie | Trans Tech Publications | 2012
    Schlagwörter: High Concurrency

    Grundlagen strukturierten Spezifizierens mit höheren Netzen ; Basics of structured specification with high level nets

    Heise, Andreas | BASE | 2007
    Schlagwörter: Höhere Petri-Netze;abstrakte Datentypen;True Concurrency Semantik, high level Petri nets;abstract datatypes;true concurrency semantics

    BlobSeer: Next-generation data management for large scale infrastructures

    Nicolae, Bogdan / Antoniu, Gabriel / Bougé, Luc et al. | Elsevier | 2010
    Schlagwörter: High throughput, Concurrency

    Approaches to High-Level Programming and Prototyping of Concurrent Applications

    Hasselbring, Wilhelm | DataCite | 2002
    Schlagwörter: concurrency, very high-level languages

    An Optimized Scheme for Monitoring Data Transmission of Complex Engineering Systems

    Zhang, Ke / Liu, Zhuo / Chai, Yi | Springer Verlag | 2018
    Schlagwörter: High concurrency

    Approaches to High-Level Programming and Prototyping of Concurrent Applications

    Hasselbring, Wilhelm | BASE | 2002
    Schlagwörter: concurrency, very high-level languages

    Semi-Preemptible Range Lock in Parallel Network File System (pNFS)

    Huo, Qiu-Yan / Zhang, Yu | Tema Archiv | 2012
    Schlagwörter: high concurrency

    Research on Optimization of memory pool management for high concurrent service requests

    Liu Pingping / Lu Zhaopan | DOAJ | 2017
    Schlagwörter: High Concurrency

    Performance considerations of embedded computations in distributed databases

    IOS Press | 2009
    Schlagwörter: Non-blocking concurrency control, operating systems for high-performance

    Efficient composition of scenario-based hardware specifications

    de Gennaro, Alessandro / Stankaitis, Paulius / Mokhov, Andrey | IET | 2019
    Schlagwörter: concurrency (computers), high-level synthesis, explicit concurrency models, high-level descriptions

    Mining high utility itemsets by dynamically pruning the tree structure

    Song, Wei / Liu, Yu / Li, Jinhong | Springer Verlag | 2013
    Schlagwörter: High utility itemset, Concurrency

    Refinement Composition Using Doubly Labeled Transition Graphs

    T. Martinsen | NTIS | 2007
    Schlagwörter: Communication and concurrency systems, High assurance, Ccs(Communication and concurrency systems)

    Principles for Language Extensions to VHDL to Support High-Level Modeling

    Peter J. Ashenden / Philip A. Wilsey | DOAJ | 1999
    Schlagwörter: High-level modeling, concurrency

    DeSpErate++: An enhanced design space exploration framework using predictive simulation scheduling

    Mariani, GIOVANNI SIRO / Palermo, Gianluca / Zaccaria, Vittorio et al. | BASE | 2015
    Schlagwörter: concurrency control, high performance computing

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