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Synonyme wurden verwendet für: Ionenbeweglichkeitsspektroskopie

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Verwendete Synonyme:

  • ion mobility spectrometry
  • ion mobility spectroscopy
  • ionenbeweglichkeitsspektrometrie
  • ionenmobilitatsspektrometrie
  • plasmachromatographie

    High‐Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and High‐Performance Liquid Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry (LC‐MS)

    Hansen, Steen Honoré / Reubsaet, Leon | Wiley | 2015
    Schlagwörter: asymmetric ion mobility spectrometry, drift‐time ion mobility spectrometry, Ion mobility spectrometry, traveling wave ion mobility spectrometry

    Laser ion mobility spectrometry in the detection of ultra-low quantities of explosives

    Akmalov, AE / Chistyakov, AA / Kotkovskii, GE et al. | SAGE Publications | 2017
    Schlagwörter: ion mobility spectrometry, field asymmetric ion mobility spectrometry

    Hybrid ion mobility and mass spectrometry as a separation tool

    Ewing, Michael A. / Glover, Matthew S. / Clemmer, David E. | Elsevier | 2015
    Schlagwörter: Ion mobility spectrometry

    Direct classification of olive oils by using two types of ion mobility spectrometers

    Garrido-Delgado, Rocío / Mercader-Trejo, Flora / Sielemann, Stefanie et al. | Elsevier | 2011
    Schlagwörter: Ultraviolet–Ion Mobility Spectrometry, Gas Chromatography–Ion Mobility Spectrometry

    Differential Ion Mobility Spectrometry in Application to the Analysis of Gases and Vapours

    Maziejuk, Mirosław / Lisowski, Wiesław / Szyposzyńska, Monika et al. | Trans Tech Publications | 2014
    Schlagwörter: Differential Ion Mobility Spectrometry (DMS), Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS)

    Ion mobility spectrometry

    British Library Conference Proceedings | 2006
    Schlagwörter: Ion mobility spectrometry

    A Simple Analytical Model for Predicting the Detectable Ion Current in Ion Mobility Spectrometry Using Corona Discharge Ionization Sources

    Kirk, Ansgar T. / Kobelt, Tim / Spehlbrink, Hauke et al. | BASE | 2018
    Schlagwörter: Ion mobility spectrometry, High kinetic energy ion mobility spectrometry

    Numerical algorithm for the accurate evaluation of ion beams in transversal modulation ion mobility spectrometry: Understanding realistic geometries

    Barrios-Collado, César / Vidal-de-Miguel, Guillermo | Elsevier | 2014
    Schlagwörter: Ion mobility spectrometry, Transversal modulation ion mobility spectrometry

    Differential ion mobility spectrometry : nonlinear ion transport and fundamentals of FAIMS

    Shvartsburg, Alexandre A. | TIBKAT | 2009
    Schlagwörter: Ion mobility spectroscopy, Ionenbeweglichkeitsspektroskopie

    Using corona discharge-ion mobility spectrometry for detection of 2,4,6-Trichloroanisole

    Lichvanová, Zuzana / Ilbeigi, Vahideh / Sabo, Martin et al. | Elsevier | 2014
    Schlagwörter: Ion mobility spectrometry

    Characterization of a capillary dielectric barrier plasma jet for use as a soft ionization source by optical emission and ion mobility spectrometry

    Olenici-Craciunescu, S.B. / Michels, A. / Meyer, C. et al. | Elsevier | 2009
    Schlagwörter: Ion mobility spectrometry

    Cross flow ion mobility spectrometry: Theory and initial prototype testing

    Zhang, Mang / Wexler, Anthony S. | Elsevier | 2006
    Schlagwörter: Ion mobility spectrometry

    Coupling of capillary electrophoresis with electrospray ionization multiplexing ion mobility spectrometry

    Guo, Jianheng / Li, Guozhu / Zhang, Hanghang et al. | Wiley | 2019
    Schlagwörter: Ion mobility spectrometry

    Detection of explosives by positive corona discharge ion mobility spectrometry

    Tabrizchi, Mahmoud / ILbeigi, Vahideh | Elsevier | 2009
    Schlagwörter: Ion mobility spectrometry

    Recent Developments in Ion Mobility Spectrometry

    Borsdorf, Helko / Mayer, Thomas / Zarejousheghani, Mashaalah et al. | Taylor & Francis Verlag | 2011
    Schlagwörter: Ion mobility spectrometry, high-field asymmetric waveform ion mobility spectrometry

    Ion mobility spectrometry - mass spectrometry : theory and applications

    Wilkins, Charles Lee / Trimpin, Sarah | TIBKAT | 2011
    Schlagwörter: Ionenbeweglichkeitsspektroskopie, Ion mobility spectroscopy

    Real-time monitoring traces of SF6 in near-source ambient air by ion mobility spectrometry

    Huang, Wei / Wang, Weiguo / Chen, Chuang et al. | Taylor & Francis Verlag | 2019
    Schlagwörter: ion mobility spectrometry

    Determination of ochratoxin A in licorice root using inverse ion mobility spectrometry

    Khalesi, Mohammadreza / Sheikh-Zeinoddin, Mahmoud / Tabrizchi, Mahmoud | Elsevier | 2010
    Schlagwörter: Ion mobility spectrometry

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