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    An X-ray photoelectron spectroscopic study on the effect of Ru and Sn additions to platinised carbons

    Shukla, A.K. / Aric`o, A.S. / El-Khatib, K.M. et al. | Online Contents

    Epitaxial growth of silver on Br-passivated Si(111) substrates under high vacuum

    Sundaravel, B. / Das, Amal K. / Ghose, S.K. et al. | Online Contents

    Surface segregation in ternary alloys: a BFS study of Ni-Al-Cu(100) surface composition

    Honecy, Frank S. / Bozzolo, Guillermo / Good, Brian | Online Contents

    Surface energy characteristics of poly(methylpropenoxyalkylsiloxane) film structures

    Thorpe, Adrian A. / Nevell, Thomas G. / Tsibouklis, John | Online Contents

    TOF study of pulsed-laser ablation of aluminum nitride for thin film growth

    Chu, C. / Ong, P.P. / Chen, H.F. et al. | Online Contents

    The interaction of C60 fullerene and carbon nanotube with Ar ion beam

    Zhu, Yongfa / Yi, Tao / Zheng, Bin et al. | Online Contents

    A TPD, HREELS, and XPS study of electron-induced deposition of germanium on Si(100)

    Lozano, J. / Craig Jr, J.H. / Campbell, J.H. | Online Contents

    Structural characterization of TiO2 thin films obtained by pulsed laser deposition

    Escobar-Alarcon, L. / Haro-Poniatowski, E. / Camacho-Lopez, M.A. et al. | Online Contents

    Co film stretching induced by lattice mismatch and annealing : The role of Graphene

    Carlomagno, I / Drnec, J / Vlaic, S et al. | Online Contents | 2017

    The mechanism of copper activation of sphalerite

    Gerson, Andrea R. / Lange, Angela G. / Prince, Kathryn E. et al. | Online Contents

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