Interlibrary loan – a service by TIB and GWLB

Would you like to borrow media on loan from TIB from GWLB, the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Library – Lower Saxony State Library, or vice versa? As of October 2022, this is possible thanks to our interlibrary loan service! All you need is an active library account at TIB and GWLB

Requesting media from TIB for collection at GWLB

You can either arrange for TIB items that are already available for collection to be forwarded to GWLB, or you can request borrowable items from TIB’s holdings to be sent directly to GWLB, where you can collect them later. As a rule, please request the media yourself via the TIB Portal or TIB’s classic catalogue (OPAC) and then, in the second step, arrange for them to be sent to GWLB using the service form.

The media will then be made available to you at the GWLB circulation desk for the next seven days during business hours (usually Monday to Friday) starting on the following day at 15:30.

Requesting media from GWLB for collection at TIB

Media on loan from GWLB can also be delivered to TIB – at the Conti-Campus site – for collection. Simply request the titles in the GWLB catalogue, and then arrange for the media to be forwarded to TIB from GWLB.

The GWLB media will then be ready for you to pick up at the TIB's Conti-Campus site for the next seven days.

Return and extension

Media can be returned at all participating HOBSY libraries.

Extensions are always arranged through the owning library – please check with the relevant library.

Who can help?

If you have any questions about the interlibrary loan service, TIB staff will be happy to help, either by phone at 0511 762 2925 or by email at leihstelle.conti-campustibeu.