Your library card

What functions does the card offer?

You can use your library card at any of our five sites to gain access to a total of nine million media items, which you may use or borrow. The library card has a variety of functions.

With your library card, you can

  • borrow items
  • gain online access to media available electronically
  • copy, scan or print
  • operate the cloakroom compartments and 24-hour lockers
  • participate in university sports and
  • use all Hannover Online Library System (HOBSY) libraries.

The TIB Library Rules and the Fee Regulation (Local Use) apply.

How can you obtain a library card?

Step 1: Register

Step 2: Collect your library card in person

In order to do this, take your identity card or a passport with a certificate of registration from the regulatory agency to one of the library sites.

How much does a library card cost?

The fee for a library card is €5. Leibniz Universität Hannover students are exempt from paying the fee if they present their valid student ID card upon registration.

How can you exchange or activate an existing library card?

If you already have a library card from another library in Hannover, you can present this upon registration. This card can be exchanged for a library card with an integrated cloakroom and copying function. No fee is charged for this exchange service for members of Leibniz Universität Hannover.

Library cards from a number of libraries in the HOBSY network can be activated at the Circulation Desks for use at TIB.

Are you under 18?

If you have not yet turned 18 and wish to collect your library card, you must

  • bring a parent or legal guardian with you


  • submit the declaration of consent (PDF), printed out and completed, that is required for registration. Please observe the information given on the form.

When collecting your library card, it is essential that you present a valid ID card or a valid passport with certificate of registration for yourself and for your parent or legal guardian.

For how long will your library card be valid?

The library card is valid for two years, after which it can be renewed free of charge.

How can you change your password?

A password is stored on your library card. For your own safety, please change this password. To do this, first log on to your user account and go to „Change Password“.

What should you do if you have lost your library card?

Please call + 49 511 762-3376 and have your library card blocked.


Circulation Desk TIB Technik/Naturwissenschaften (Science/Technology)

You can reach the Circulation Desk from Monday to Friday between 09:00-20:00 and Saturday between 09:00-18:00.

Phone: +49 511 762-3376
Fax: +49 511 762-4076