Direct access

More than 37 million electronic full texts can be retrieved directly from the TIB Portal, including over 13 million freely accessible articles.

Information concerning direct access

In order to make use of TIB's Pay-per-View service, you must be registered as a customer. The electronic full text will be provided directly as a download on your screen; the provider-specific licence fee will be shown in the detailed display.
After registration, all eligible institutions as well as private individuals can access national licences. For more information, visit
As an authorised user, you will gain direct access to full texts marked "national licence" without having to register again.


The table below contains a list of Data sources in the TIB Portal.

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External Sources

External Source Description Category
OSTI.GOV About 3 million US Department of Energy research entries including electronic full texts, citations, datasets, patents, multimedia and software science, technology, engineering
DKF Journals, conference reports, research reports, thesis and company publications in the field of automotive technology 1974 - today Automotive engineering
RSWB PLUS Combination of the German construction database RSWB with the international construction database ICONDA. Journals, books, conference papers, reports, dissertations, laws, regulations and standards Architecture / Civil Engineering / Town and Regional Planning
STN Index Chemie Chemistry databases Chemistry
STN Index Informatik Computer science databases Computer science
STN Index Physik Physics databases Physics
STN Index Technik STN Engineering databases Engineering