Learning and working at TIB

Well cared for and looked after

TIB offers facilities tailored to your different needs: group study rooms for shared learning, quiet reading desks for individual learning, as well as sufficient space to enjoy a well-earned break. Thanks to our comprehensive advisory services and courses, as well as modern technical equipment, you can be sure that you will be well cared for and looked after when learning and working on our premises.

Sites and opening hours

TIB has five sites with different specialist focal areas that are open for up to 102 hours a week. More

Reading desks and technical equipment

Our premises: a modern, user-oriented study environment. More

Attend courses

TIB offers numerous courses concerning all aspects of academic work, introductions to using the library and customised courses for groups by arrangement. More


Our e-learning offers provide support on topics such as how to use the library, searching for information and reference management. More

Information and advice

How and where can I get hold of the specialist literature I require? Who can I contact? More

Reference management

Reference management programmes help you keep track of your references. More