Setting up course reserves

How does it work?

Please submit a reading list with the required titles for the conventional course reserve. A convenient way of creating a reading list is to use our online form, which you can then send to us.


  • In order to ensure that your course reserve can be set up in good time before semester starts, please submit your reading lists for summer semester by 1 March at the latest, and by 1 September for winter semester.
  • A course reserve can contain up to 20 titles per course, and is usually available for the duration of one semester
  • The course reserves for a particular semester are usually broken up once the course has ended. Please notify us in good time if the course reserve is to be extended by a further semester before the respective dates.

Electronic course reserves

In the case of electronic course reserves, TIB digitises the desired items in compliance with applicable copyright, and enters them under your course on the eLearning portal Stud.IP.

Legal notice

Section 60a of the Copyright Act (Urheberrechtsgesetz) is the legal foundation for the provision of electronic documents without the consent of the author and for the purpose of illustration in class. Only a small part of an entire work may be digitised and made available. Such parts include, for example, individual chapters or journal articles. If we detect any problems concerning provision whilst processing the course reserve, we will get in contact with you. Documents that are protected by copyright may only be accessed in your course if they are password-protected or blocked.


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