Application for a permanent locker

Please note: The permanent lockers are only available to students of Leibniz Universität Hannover.

Terms of Use*

Terms of use for permanent lockers

In addition to the TIB Rules of Use, the following conditions apply:

  • Only one locker is allocated per person. The permission to use the lockers is booked as a loan to the library account and is not transferable to other persons.
  • The period of use is limited to a maximum of 90 days and cannot be extended.
  • The lockers are used to store work materials. Media from the TIB's stock may only be stored permanently in the lockers if they are booked to a personal library account. The borrowing slip must be visibly deposited with the media.
  • The lockers are not intended for the storage of valuables. The library accepts no liability for loss or damage to items stored in the lockers.
  • The library staff is authorised to open the lockers for inspection, to empty them if necessary and/or to cancel the allocation..
  • At the end of the period of use, the lockers must be vacated and left locked.
  • Termination of the usage relationship must be notified immediately and in person to the circulation desk at the TIB Conti-Campus site.
  • If the period of use is exceeded, a chargeable reminder will be issued and the locker will be cleared by the library staff. The removed items will be treated as lost property and forwarded to the lost property office of the City of Hannover. Borrowed media will be returned.