Printing, photocopying and scanning

Where and how? How much does it cost?

Printing, copying and scanning devices are available for use at all library sites. It is also possible to print documents from your own notebook. Documents can be saved on local storage media (USB sticks) with all devices; they can also be used to print out documents in colour or in black-and-white, or to send data via e-mail.

Cashless copy card: the library card

The library card acts as a cashless copy card that can be topped up at all sites using one of the vending machines. Alternatively, you can obtain a copy card from one of the vending machines.


All of the printing, scanning and copying devices can also be used as network printers. Print jobs can be sent from any public computer workstation in the library and retrieved from the device of your choice. To do this, select the black-and-white or colour print driver in the respective application, enter your copy card number (located on your library card or copy card) and retrieve the print-out from your nearest black-and-white or colour device. You will only be able to view the print jobs that you have sent. Print-outs are always paid for without cash. However, our coin-operated copiers can be used to print out PDF files directly from a USB stick.


The printing, scanning and copying devices are available in colour and black-and-white variants. Colour devices can also be used to produce black-and-white photocopies for the usual fees. A coin-operated copier is also available at each library site.


The printing, scanning and copying devices can also be used to scan documents. Files are stored straight onto your USB stick in .pdf or .tiff format, or stored temporarily on the TIB server in the 'Ergebnisablage'. Flat bed scanners for processing templates up to size DIN A4 are available on some computer workstations.

Printing from your own notebook

You can also send print jobs to the printing, scanning and copying devices from your own notebook via the wireless LAN of Leibniz Universität Hannover. To do this, you will need a print driver. Print drivers for Windows, Apple and Linux systems are available here: printer driver

Please use for Windows7 (64 bit), Windows8 and Windows10.

(No liability assumed)

Once you have downloaded and unpacked the software archive required for your computer, start the installation file to install the driver. After restarting your notebook, a colour and a black-and-white print driver will be available for sending print jobs to the printing, scanning and copying devices for the usual fees. This offer is also available if you use the internet via the Eduroam service.

Overhead scanner

At the TIB Conti-Campus site, there is an overhead scanner in the journal reading room (2nd floor) with which scans and printouts of large-format documents (up to DIN A2 format) can be made in a book-friendly manner. Use is free of charge. The scans can only be stored on a USB stick.

Currently, there is also a chargeable overhead scanner available on the ground floor. You can use this service with the copy card function of the library card.

Microform scanners

Scanners are available at the TIB Science/Technology, Conti-Campus and Social Sciences sites for re-enlarging microfilms and microfiches. Scans can be saved straight onto a USB stick in different output formats or printed out from a connected printer for the usual fees.

How much does it cost to print, photocopy and scan documents?

The copy card costs € 5, which includes € 1.50 credit.

Fees (in cents) DIN A4 DIN A3
Photocopy/print-out (black-and-white) 5 10
Photocopy/print-out (colour) 25 50
Coin-operated copier (black-and-white) 10 20
Scan 2 2