Reference management

Keep track of your references

With literature management programmes, you can easily collect and manage bibliographic data. They export title data from subject databases and library catalogues, insert literature citations into your own work at the click of a mouse and automatically create a bibliography in the citation style of your choice. This makes academic work more efficient and time-saving.

Dates / Consulting services

We offer regular a Citavi-Basic-Workshop an webinars on Citavi and Zotero.

We can also advise you on your individual questions on site or virtually. Simply book your personal appointment via our consulting service TIBgefragt:

You can also reach us by e-mail: literaturverwaltungtibeu


Leibniz Universität Hannover has acquired a campus licence for Citavi for Windows and allows its members to use the licensed literature management programme free of charge. There is no licence for the web version of Citavi.

  • Download Citavi from and install the programme.
  • Open a Citavi account with your LUH e-mail address to use the full version and work with cloud projects.   
  • Open Citavi and click on the login icon in the start window. Enter your access data for the Citavi account. The license information is now recognized automatically.

System requirements

Operating systems: Windows. Can be used on Mac via detours, but is also associated with follow-up costs.  You need virtualisation software and a Windows licence to run Citavi in a parallel Windows environment. Alternatively, you can license a web version of Citavi at your own expense.

Addins for word processors: Microsoft Word

Browser extensions: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox

Special features: LaTeX support, pdf reader for annotating your own documents.

Further information


Zotero is a platform-independent open source programme for literature management:

The offline version is free. If you wish, you can create a web account* to use the teamwork & cloud function (300 MB free storage space).

*Although the operator is a public, independent non-profit organisation committed to the open source idea, the data in the cloud is subject to American data protection.

Zotero masters the familiar basic functions of any literature management programme. It has its own pdf reader for annotating documents. The Zotero Style Repository lists over 10,000 citation styles, which can be adapted or created with an online editor.

System requirements

DownloadZotero homepage

Operating systems: Linux, mac OS, Windows

Addins for word processing programs: Microsoft Word, Libre Office + Java, Google Docs

Browser extensions: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari

Special features: Various plugins e.g. for LaTeX support, creation of API keys, pdf reader for annotating own documents.

Other reference management programmes

The University Library of the Technical University of Munich offers a comparison of various literature management programmes.