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Welfengarten 2 C, 30167 Hannover


Here you can find literature on social science subjects, in particular political science and sociology. Collections focus on social structure research, the labour and trade union movement, new social movements, developing countries (in particular Latin America), women/gender studies, European studies and social psychology. The collections are shelved by classification; most items are freely accessible and can be borrowed. The remaining collections are kept in closed stacks. Orders for items can be placed via the TIB Portal.


Information Desk

Staff at the Information Desk provide support in the search for literature and explain how to use our technical infrastructure.

If you require subject-specific information, please contact the relevant specialised departments. They will provide advice on the in-depth search for scientific literature and on searching databases.

Barrier-free accessibility at the site

All places where items are kept and the WCs are accessible to users with restricted mobility. A disabled parking space is located behind the library building.

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TIB Sozialwissenschaften (Social Sciences) site, Welfengarten 2 C, 30167 Hannover