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Preservation as a service

Not every institution can or wants to deal with the task of the digital preservation. In addition to the costs of such a task, it is a great challenge to build up and maintain the necessary know-how.

For this reason, the TIB has developed a service and offers the digital preservation as a "Preservation-as-a-Service" across institutions and disciplines: Customers do not work independently in the system. The TIB coordinates all steps with the customers, advises them on questions of content preparation and structuring, carries out all necessary checking routines and archives the content transferred to them. Regular reporting provides information on the status of the processes and the status of the data. After the successful ingest, the TIB takes over the so-called Preservation Management, which means a comprehensive Technology Watch and Community Watch. If technological changes are detected in the environment that have an impact on the archived data, the TIB informs its customers and makes recommendations on how to handle the files. Maintenance measures are then jointly defined, which are then carried out either by the TIB or, if necessary, by the customer outside the system.


Further services of the TIB
Detailed information on digital preservation at the TIB can be found in the TIB Preservation Policy and our wiki page.

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Porträt von Thomas Bähr

Thomas Bähr

Thomas Bähr studierte Organisationswissenschaften (M.A.) an der Universität Hildesheim. Er arbeitete 15 Jahre bei Bertelsmann und im Springer-Verlag und beschäftigte sich dort mit dem Wandel von einer analogen zu einer digitalen Datenproduktion. Seine Schwerpunkte lagen in der Entwicklung von Lösungen zur medienneutralen Datenhaltung sowie in der Durchführung der damit verbunden Veränderungsprozessen in den betroffenen Organisationsstrukturen.

Derzeit arbeitet er an der TIB als Leiter des Bereiches Bestandserhaltung und Langzeitarchivierung. Sein Arbeitsschwerpunkt liegt unter anderem in der Entwicklung von Preservation-as-a-Service-Modellen für die Langzeitarchivierung an der TIB. Darüber hinaus engagiert er sich in der Open Preservation Foundation und im nestor Kompetenznetzwerk.


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