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Publishing research data

In a research project, data is always generated and usually processed and interpreted for the presentation of new findings for a scientific article. With the growing importance of these often digital data, the requirements of scientific publishers and research sponsors are also increasing, bydemanding the publication of this data (e.g. raw data, secondary data) together with or in addition to the scientific article.

Depending on the project and research area, this this might be callenging for researchers, starting with the appropriate preparation of the data for publication, the generation of appropriate metadata, the search and selection of the appropriate repository, and the determination of a suitable (post-use) license for the research data.

We support you in order to prepare your data for re-use in the best possible way and thus expand your scientific profile not only through a traditional scientific publication, but also through the published research data.

(Possible) contents:

  • Overview of requirements for research data publications
  • Prepare data for publication: How should the data be structured? Which subject-specific requirements have to be considered? Which metadata must be collected?
  • Publish data: Which repositories exist and how can I find the right one for my data publication?

Use data subsequently: Which (re-use) licence for research data is available? Which one is suitable for my data?


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Porträt von Dr. Janna Neumann

Dr. Janna Neumann

Janna Neumann studied chemistry at the University of Hamburg and received her doctorate in organic chemistry. After postgraduate studies in information science and library science, she is responsible for consulting on all aspects of scientific work and research in this field.
She also advises on all aspects of research data management and the handling of research data in the scientific research process.

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