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Researching the internet

Enter search terms, submit and view hits - every day we use the Internet for research of all kinds.

  • How can you search for scientific literature on the Internet?
  • Which search engines are there besides google?
  • And how can you refine your search so that you get a lower number of hits?

We will be happy to show you how you can optimize your search on the Internet based on your specific topic.

If you are looking for literature for your subject and would like to learn about research strategies for subject databases, please contact your subject specialist. You will find them in the "Search and Find" section under "Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences" and "Research in Science and Technology".

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Porträt von Kati Koch

Kati Koch

Kati Koch studied Information Management in Hanover and has been working at the TIB since 2006 in the "Central Information" team at the TIB´s Science/Technology library.



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Email: kati.kochtibeu
Phone: 0511 762-3433

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