Publishing and Archiving

TIB supports scientific institutions and scholars by providing a reliable, cross-media research infrastructure. This infrastructure includes services related to the publication and the DOI registration of scientific work or reports, research data and specialist information in other formats. In addition, TIB operates a digital preservation system, and provides services and consultation on the topic of Open Access.

Advisory services and information

We support you with advisory and training services on Open Access options and publication strategies as well as with further information.

Financing Open Access

We assume the costs incurred for publications in open-access journals and open-access books.

Publication and media types

Find the right publication option for each type of publication.


We advise and support Leibniz Association institutes whose scientists intend to publish articles Open Access.

Research reports

We act as a repository library for german research reports for various ministries and research-promoting institutions.

PhD theses and habilitations

Submit your PhD thesis or Habilitation written at Leibniz Universität Hannover to us.

PID and Metadata Services

We offer comprehensive range of services and consultation for scientists and research institutions on the subject of PIDs and metadata.

Digital preservation

We advise and support researchers and scientific institutions on the subject of long-term archiving and operate a digital preservation system.


How do researchers at Leibniz Universität Hannover find the right Open Access journal? The recommender system B!SON suggests suitable Open Access journals and provides information about financing options.