Digital preservation at TIB

Producers and users of scientific materials place high demands on the information they use in terms of integrity, authenticity, consistency and citation. The TIB has assumed responsibility for the long-term preservation and availability of the digital materials it collects and documents, as well as their interpretability for use by different target groups. To this end, it has created the necessary infrastructure and guarantees the permanent provision of both material and human resources.

Detailed information on digital long-term preservation at the TIB can be found in the TIB Preservation Policy and on our wiki page (only in German).

Digitally preserved objects

TIB digitally preserves objects from various sources, and helps the respective data producers to submit these to the library. This includes

  • Grey literature
  • German research reports
  • Dissertations of the Leibniz Universität Hannover
  • Open Access publications
  • Open Access available objects of the institutional repository of Leibniz Universität Hannover
  • Non-textual media
  • Retro-digitised copies produced by the TIB
  • USB and CD images

Our services for long-term archiving

The TIB offers various service components in the context of long-term digital preservation depending on the source material, which take into account the licensing, organizational and technical requirements for the materials.

Services are provided to the following target groups in particular:   

  • Scientists, lecturers, students at universities, colleges and non-university research institutions
  • Employees in non-academic and commercial research   
  • libraries   
  • Archives, museums and infrastructure facilities   
  • Project sponsors such as the German Research Foundation (DFG) or the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

Our range of services includes   

  • Advice on the creation of SIP/AIP and the provision of metadata   
  • Pre-Ingest  
  • Ingest   
  • Enrichment with metadata from catalog system   
  • Preparation of an AIP according to the agreement   
  • Bitstream preservation (archiving without conservation measures)   
  • Preservation Management (Technology-/Community Watch)   
  • Preparation of reports and statistics

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TIBgefragt – we advise you!

As part of our TIBgefragt service, we offer you individual and personal consultations on the topics of:

Certified trustworthy archive

nestor Seal 2022

The long-term digital archive of TIB received 2022 the nestor Seal for Trustworthy Digital Archives.

Application form Report

CoreTrustSeal 2020

Based on a self-assessment, TIB’s digital archive was awarded the CoreTrustSeal, which certifies the archive’s trustworthiness. The CoreTrustSeal replaces the former Data Seal of Approval (DSA), with which the TIB was previously awarded.

go to complete assessment (PDF)

nestor Seal 2017

The long-term digital archive of TIB received 2017 the nestor Seal for Trustworthy Digital Archives.

Application form (PDF) Report (PDF)

Data Seal of Approval 2015

The long-term digital archive of TIB received the Data Seal of Approval (DSA) and is certified as a trusted digital repository.

here you can find the full assessment (PDF)


Thomas Bähr